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Get Your Gluten-Free Goodies and Kaz Okochi Sushi, Too: Foggy Bottom Whole Foods Ballyhoo Roundup

The District's fourth Whole Foods Market, a sprawling, two-story 36,000-square-foot emporium of organic and gluten-free goodness, opened its doors at the corner of 22nd and Eye Streets in Foggy Bottom this morning. Real estate blog UrbanTurf has photos from inside. Washington Business Journal notes how the new store is emphasizing its food-on-the-go selection, including Neapolitan-style […]

Nice Tibs! Timid-Tongued Emma Green Is Blown Away By D.C.’s Ethiopian Food

Emma Green, the self-described “Martha Stewart meets MacGyver of all things food, wine and travel,” visits D.C.'s Ethiopian Heritage Festival for the debut episode of Whole Foods' "Fest-a-Nation" program. Taking her first bite of beef tibs, the Aussie actress is immediately taken aback by the spice. What would MacGyver do in this situation? Video courtesy […]

Growler District: DC Brau Paves Way for Draft Beer Take-Out

DC Brau is at it again. Brewery founders Jeff Hancock and Brandon Skall's crusade for D.C. beverage law reform started in February, when they wrote and introduced a law, that subsequently passed, allowing District breweries to serve beer at on-site tasting rooms. A month ago, despite a precedent that growlers were not kosher in D.C., […]

Summer Salad Sweep: Sweetgreen Opens 10th Store On Friday

D.C. salad colossus Sweetgreen will be opening its tenth store in Foggy Bottom on Friday. (Guess the proprietors, Jonathan Neman, Nic Jammet, and Nathaniel Ru, weren't content with merely being the subject of City Paper's recent cover story.) But the leafy greens giant isn't the only new kid on this $175 million development block. Whole […]

Celiac to the Ceiling: 2,000 Pounds of Cake, Not An Ounce of Wheat

Wheat-adverse baker Jules Shepard and activists with the celiac-advocacy group "1 in 133" constructed an 11-foot-2-inch tall, roughly 2,000-pound gluten-free cake, purportedly the world's largest, in the lobby of the Embassy Suites at Mt. Vernon Square this week. The big baking stunt was an attempt to draw attention to the federal government's four-year-long delay in […]

If You Ask, a Franchise May Come

Young & Hungry colleague Lydia DePillis, in this week's Housing Complex column, examines the world of franchise flirtations. As was noted earlier this week, there was a big franchising expo at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center last weekend, which if you were there, gave a taste of what's coming to D.C.—or, at least, what […]

Strategies to Make the Most of a Whole Foods Salad Bar

Last night, I popped into Whole Foods to swing by the pay-per-pound salad bar to create a veggie-centric dinner. Since I haven't been spending too much time cooking at home, keeping fresh vegetables around my apartment is generally a bad move for me. So Whole Foods is counting on its convenience factor to lure me […]

Quick Feeding: How to Cook Fresh Roadkill and Make Floral Desserts

How Low Would You Go? Remember my post earlier this week about eating locally sourced muskrat from earlier this week? Would you eat roadkill? Like a raccoon? Steven Rinella of the Travel Channel's The Wild Within teams up with a San Francisco chef to prepare raccoon. "There are so many strange bones in here. ... […]

Whole Foods Wants to Be Your Prep Cook

While grocery shopping for this year's Thanksgiving meal, I spotted these shrink-wrapped wonders at my local Whole Foods. My first thought was what kind of over-privileged priss-ball can't chop his own friggin' vegetables? My second thought was to conduct a quick price comparison. The package of chopped celery and brunoise carrots sells for $3.07. I […]

All About Eve, Part I: Surrounded by Food and Still Constantly Hungry

This is my fridge. As a  food lover and sometimes food writer, I have not bought groceries from a Harris Teeter or Whole Foods, let alone a farmers market, since late July. This empty shell reflects the sorry state of my kitchen. How did I get here? Having found myself at a work-life crossroads, I […]