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How Dining Room Chatter Spikes Dramatically After a White House Visit

"The guests that were coming down here [last time the First Lady visited] came to investigate personally: 'Where did she sit? What did she eat? Who was she with? What was she wearing?' The 'Where did she sit and can I please sit in the same seat' was a request we had for weeks to […]

Royal Party Foul: No Beer? What’s Up With Historic Pub Hub’s Suds Snub

I haven't been able to click a mouse lately without reading something about this morning's royal wedding. The ceremony is over (catch highlights here) and the newlyweds are currently partying it up with hundreds of their dignitary guests. But, as you may have heard, especially if you get most of your news from breweries, bars, […]

Obamas Serve Home-Brewed Honey Ale at Super Bowl Party

The Obamas' Super Bowl party had a guest more exciting to this Lagerhead than Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. This Sunday the president and first lady previewed their inaugural batch of home-brewed beer. White House Honey Ale was brewed on site with ingredients from the White House grounds. According to Eddie Gehman Kohan's food-focused White […]

At White House, Roasted Veggies Trump Chicken-Fried Steak

The New York Times this morning zeroes in on holiday preparations at the White House, and even though the December party season has never been known much for good eating habits, the executive mansion is trying to stress its new penchant for local and healthy. Thank, in part, that garden first lady Michelle Obama planted […]

Food News You Can Use: Cedric Maupillier Edition

Time to play catch-up here late on a Hump Day, which can mean only one thing: another round-up of food-related links. First up is the big news of the new year: the sudden departure of Cedric Maupillier from Central. WaPo's Tom Sietsema broke the news. Interestingly enough, reported in November that Maupillier's replacement, Arthur […]

Check Out This Year’s White House Gingerbread House

Hugs and holiday wishes to Y&H's virtual pal, Obama Foodorama (can you hug a virtual pal?), for alerting me to this year's White House gingerbread house. It is a thing of beauty. ObFo's Eddie Gehman Kohan notes that White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses has put together the largest gingerbread house in Oval Office […]

White House Farmers Market Draws Criticism Before Its Opening

The traffic is outrageous on Vermont Ave. during rush hour! No one needs to tell you, least of all Y&H, that in this blog-eat-blog, 24-hour news-cycle world everyone is required to have an opinion. But, really, shouldn't everyone wait until the object under criticism has actually opened? I'm speaking about the new FreshFarm Market by […]

White House Farmers Market to Open Tomorrow

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack explains the USDA's local farm program. UPDATE, 5:52 p.m. Weds.: The Los Angeles Times has more details on the market here. As part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's new Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food campaign, the White House will launch a farmers market tomorrow in the 800 block of […]

The Irish Turn to the White House for Inspiration on Grow-Your-Own Foods

Bloom in the Park, Ireland's largest gardening event of the year, is in full swing in Dublin where the locals, perhaps for the first time in, say, nine years, are looking to the White House for inspiration on matters of food. Bloom organizers have built a replica of First Lady Michelle Obama's vegetable garden. Why? […]

Old Ebbitt Grill Is Not a Fan of Policies

The Old Ebbitt Grill doesn't care much for hard-and-fast policies, which may seem strange for a restaurant located across the way from the White House and owned by the Clyde's Restaurant Group. When celebrities visit the city's oldest restaurant, for instance, the staff is not required by management to act all cool. Servers, bussers, bartenders, whoever can […]