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Want Fried Mayo and Flaming Sorbet? Watch the Water

This week's cover story tackles the legend that New York water is what makes the city's pretzels and pizzas so good, and asks whether DC Water can create that same sense of pride about the tap here. In the story, food scientist Chris Loss, a professor at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, […]

There’s Something in the Water at the Fancy Food Show

Sparkling or tap? What kind of puny choice is that? Yesterday at the Fancy Food Show, a massive food product trade show from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, the future of water was on display–and it turns out to be a mighty diverse future. We […]

Elisir’s Tap Water Fee Cheaper Than A Glass In Vegas

Here's more fodder for the ongoing debate about the new Elisir restaurant's 29-cent surcharge for filtered tap water: it seems that Border Grill at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is charging a "water fee" of 50 cents per glass. As chef Enzo Fargione helpfully pointed out yesterday, the charge at Elisir is applied per guest, […]

D.C. Water Gives Its Two Cents On Elisir’s 29-Cent Water Surcharge

All the chatter this week about the cost of water (29 cents per guest for filtered tap) at chef Enzo Fargione's new Penn Quarter eatery Elisir, which opens Wednesday night, left me parched for more info. I wondered, what's the average price of tap water, anyway? You know, for the guy who is actually paying […]

Here’s Why Elisir Is Charging You 29 Cents For Water

"The city water in D.C. is notoriously bad and in deference to our guests' health we don't want to offer 'Chateau Potomac.' If people insist, we will of course oblige them with tap water, but we feel that bottomless sparkling or still bottled water for .29[cents] is more than fair."—Justin Kraemer, general manager of Penn […]