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Here’s Why Chinatown Restaurants Are Not Worried About An NBA Lockout

The potential for an NBA lockout must have Chinatown restaurateurs fretting about tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenues...right? Eh, not really. WaPo sports blogger Dan Steinberg directs us to this WUSA-TV segment in which the operators of some neighborhood bars and restaurants point out that, well, the Washington Wizards really aren't that big […]

How a Cheddar Cheese Forced Devon & Blakely to Change Its Menu

When it comes to menu items, the name of the dish either screams for your attention or pushes your eyes down the menu. So when I saw a cheese listed in the title of a sandwich, such as Devon & Blakely's Avocado, English Cheddar Sandwich, I imagined hunks of flavorful cheese contrasting with the rich, […]

What the Public Is Saying About the Verizon Center’s Food Vendor Woes

ESPN has blown the lid off mouse poop at the Verizon Center, and the public is outraged. Outraged, I tell you. A sample of the public/media commentary, outraged or not: Georgetown Voice's Vox Populi: "Although Vox trusts Leonsis—after all, the guy promised to 'literally clean up after [the] fans,'—we doubt we’ll be eating much food […]