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Sidewalk Cafe Society: D.C.’s Al Fresco Dining Scene Turns 50

Hard to believe there once was a time when the biggest bogeyman in District discourse was outdoor seating. The Washington Post takes a look back at the bizarre history of D.C.'s al fresco dining scene. A half century ago, the city's first sidewalk cafe appeared. And people feared the worst: “[a] potential source of disorder," […]

‘First Bite’ on the Second Night: R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24 Gets an Early Visit from Critic Tom Sietsema

So much for critics waiting one full month before visiting a new restaurant. On his Facebook page, chef R.J. Cooper reports that he spotted Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema at his brand-spankin' new eatery Rogue 24 last Thursday, the restaurant's second night in business: "Mr. TS from Wash post just left the house. Suprised us […]

Why WaPo’s Beer Madness Results Actually Matter This Year

Last week, the Washington Post announced the final results of its annual Beer Madness tournament. For the past five years, the Post's food section has put together a panel of local beer enthusiasts and had them position dozens of beers against each other in a blind tasting. The Post then shares the bracket results in […]

Carman Takes Aim at New York Times D.C. Food Coverage

Tim Carman in today's Washington Post defends the District's honor from The New York Times, which has historically belittled the nation's capital in the food department, including Jennifer Steinhauser's recent declaration that there's a "steady rise" of "Everyman Eating" on Capitol Hill, with plenty of chefs trying to capitalize on "food that is affordable, nostalgic […]

Blake Gopnik’s D.C. Gelato-Gazing Days Are Over

As reported Tuesday, art critic Blake Gopnik is leaving The Washington Post's Style section and is "taking on a new opportunity in New York, the place he has long understood and explained but will now fully inhabit." Let’s take a quick look back on Gopnik's brief but memorable 2004 foray into the world of D.C. […]

Scoring Ask Roberto: A Grilling or Light Sautee?

Today was Roberto Donna's day to face some of the most discriminating food minds and dining cranks around: the reader-questioners on Tom Sietsema's weekly Washington Post dining chat. You already know about Donna's past troubles with taxes and embezzlement. The esteemed Italian chef was Sietsema's first-ever guest chat-host. The whole hour wasn't just questions for […]

What Do You Want to Ask Post Guest Chatter Roberto Donna?

On Wednesday, Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema will inaugurate something special for his regular weekly online dining chat. He’s bringing on guest chatters! The first person? Roberto Donna, D.C.’s accomplished Italian super chef and restaurateur better known these days for pleading guilty to felony embezzlement—and escaping jail time. For the Post, having Donna on […]

Jane Black and Brent Cunningham Tackle the Notion That Local and Organic Foods Are Only for the Rich

Tim Carman's predecessor at the Washington Post has moved on to greener pastures — quite literally — absconding to the hills of West Virginia to take a close look at how some Americans eat. Jane Black's first op-ed since leaving the Post, co-written with husband Brent Cunningham, lays out their mission in the rural state. The […]

Y&H Is Leaving the Building

You may have heard the news already, but now that the daily has finished pawing through my past, I can finally confirm it: I'm leaving the Washington City Paper to join the Food staff at the Washington Post. I will be joining the Post on Monday, Dec. 6. What will this mean for me and […]

Tequila Shots and Fish Tacos at Surfside in Glover Park

My first thought walking into Surfside wasn’t exactly flattering: This place looks like Chipotle meets Folly Beach. Not that there’s anything wrong with Chipotle — I actually like the place — but I came here to write about bar food. I'm sorry, but selling Coronas and margaritas doesn’t make Chipotle a bar anymore than it does […]