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Orange Anchor, Opening Along the Georgetown Waterfront, Will Deliver to Boats

The owner's boat is named "Knot Yours."

Washington Harbour Restaurants Are Flood-Free

If anyone should be nervous about water damage following yesterday's storm, it's probably those with property in Georgetown's Washington Harbour. Restaurants there only recently reopened (or are about to reopen) after massive flooding destroyed their businesses in April 2011. But Nick's Riverside Grille and Tony & Joe's, which reopened on Sept. 1, are doing just […]

Flood Ravaged Farmers & Fishers Fully Demolished, $2.4 Million In Lost Revenue and Counting

Georgetown's Farmers & Fishers has been "completely demolished" in the aftermath of April's devastating flood of the riverside Washington Harbour complex, Washington Business Journal reports: "The space is completely raw and only concrete columns and open ceiling remain. Full demolition was the only solution as concern for contamination of all equipment and floors and all […]

Gift Idea for Mom: Brunch at Georgetown’s Dried-Out Eateries

WMAL News reports that at least two eateries damaged by flooding at Georgetown's Washington Harbour could be back in business just in time for Mother's Day brunch. "Nick's Riverside Grille and maybe Tony and Joe's [Seafood Place] can make it for Mother's Day," Gregory Casten, operations manager at Oceanside Management, tells the radio station. Casten […]

Quick Feeding: D.C.’s Chinatown Just Isn’t Double-Cooked Enough

Misfortune Cookie: "DC is no Beijing or Hong Kong, nor is it New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles. But there's no obvious reason that the city, accommodating a steady stream of cosmopolitan and international population, should be content dwelling in a cesspool of Chinese/ethnic food mediocrity." [The Atlantic] Head of the Class-Action: A […]

Quick Feeding: Brunch Bloggers Multiply and an On-Time Opening!

Fill That Niche: Finally! There's a blog that's documenting brunch options in Arlington! Will Bitches Who Brunch cross the river to compete? [Arlington Brunch Club via ARLNow] More Flooding Woes: At waterlogged Washington Harbour, Farmers and Fishers reports that it will lose an estimated $20,000-$40,000 each day that the restaurant is closed. [WBJ] Worth the […]

Tony and Joe’s Hit Hardest in Georgetown Flooding

"Come for the view, stay for the food!" That's the long-standing slogan of Tony and Joe's Seafood Place at Georgetown's Washington Harbour. On Monday, those "spectacular views" proved to be the restaurant's undoing when rapidly rising flood waters consumed the riverside shopping and dining complex. WRC-TV reports that Tony and Joe's was "under more than […]