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“Don’t Boycott! We’re Caps Fans!” Legal Sea Foods Chef Says

Part of the scuttlebutt among local Caps fans today has involved a potential boycott of Boston-based products and businesses in the build-up to tonight's deciding Game 7 against the defending Stanley Cup champion Bruins. One particular Beantown-based outfit here in D.C. is caught in the cross-hairs. I'm referring, of course, to the Chinatown outpost of […]

The Real Losers of the Capitals’ Early Playoff Exit: Restaurants

In this week's Cheap Seats column, the excellent Dave McKenna explores the positive economic impact of the Washington Capitals' playoff run on the D.C. bar and restaurant scene. The Capital Q barbecue joint on H Street NW, for instance, which takes in “up to $1,000” a game in added receipts during the Stanley Cup playoffs: […]

What the Public Is Saying About the Verizon Center’s Food Vendor Woes

ESPN has blown the lid off mouse poop at the Verizon Center, and the public is outraged. Outraged, I tell you. A sample of the public/media commentary, outraged or not: Georgetown Voice's Vox Populi: "Although Vox trusts Leonsis—after all, the guy promised to 'literally clean up after [the] fans,'—we doubt we’ll be eating much food […]

The Limited History of DC Hockey Restaurants and Bars

Sorry, Tom Petty, but: Even the losers get restaurants some times. Hence, Buggsy's Pizza, a restaurant/sports bar in Old Town Alexandria. Hockey's never been bigger in DC. The Capitals had a great (regular) season and people paid attention. In other words: totally opposite what Bryan "Bugsy" Watson experienced during his three years with the Washington […]