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Nina and Tim Zagat Don’t Care If You’re a Good Cook

In today's Wall Street Journal, Nina and Tim Zagat pour a glass of cold water on all those out there crazy enough to think they can start a restaurant. It's not easy, and 60 percent of those who start their own eatery end up failing within three years. From their op-ed piece: So many people […]

It’s the Last Week to Talk About the New Year; All Hail Vegetables!

Sometime around mid-December until about the end of the first week of January, we turn into list readers: What was big last year? What will be big in the new year? Shit, I even put together an Out 2010 →  In 2011 list for the blog. People love lists. Maybe humans are actually anal-retentive organizers […]

The New Fashion Trend for Spring? Aprons!

What does it say when fashion designers are inspired by an article of utilitarian clothing that once represented '50s-era gender roles? Y&H will have to ponder this some more, but at first blush, it strikes me as an attempt to inject a domestic note into an American culture increasingly fixated on work. Your thoughts, Y&H […]

The Rogue States Verdict: What Others Are Saying

Y&H wasn't the only one with thoughts on the Steptoe & Johnson vs. Rogue States verdict. Take a look: Above the Law: "Steptoe & Johnson is one of the few large law firms with a Twitter presence, but the firm has yet to tweet about how it chewed up and spat out Rogue States Burgers." […]

D.C. to Be PCRM’s Test Market for McDonald’s Attack Ad

Starting tomorrow, the D.C. market will play guinea pig to a commercial by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that, in essence, blames Mickey D's for the high number of heart disease-related deaths in the District. I'm sure the tobacco industry loves this ad. According an article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, the radical […]

How Loud Is the New Sun Chips Biodegradable Bag?

People are pissed off about environmentally unfriendly plastic. But people are even more pissed off about the noise level of SunChips' new compostable bag, which the Wall Street Journal reports is as loud as a  jet cockpit, registering 95 decibels on a sound meter. The inevitable Facebook group has emerged. Its name is in ALL […]

The Horseshoe: Where Does It Rate on the Gross/Delicious Sandwich Scale?

The Wall Street Journal decided to use its limited resources to unpack the history and heart-healthiness (gee, guess?) of the Horseshoe, an open-faced sandwich of bread, meat (often ground beef), French fries, and cheese sauce created in Springfield, Ill. The plate does look like the aftermath of a collision between station cooks in the kitchen. But, really, […]

The Recession May Not Be Good for Fast Food Franchises After All

The Wall Street Journal published a smart, counter-intuitive piece today that suggests fast-food giants, in an effort to stay ahead of the recession, are squeezing the hell out of their franchisees, leaving them with little to show for their efforts. So much for the idea that McDonald's is making a killing in this bad economy. […]

Is Food Writing Biased Toward Wine?

The Wall Street Journal runs a promising story today about the growing appreciation of beer and the practice of pairing beer with cheese. Author Davide Berretta shares good news about beer-and-cheese pairings popping up at Slow Food's cheese festival in Italy and at American gourmet bars such as Beer Table in Brooklyn. But Berretta also […]

When a G&T Won’t Do. WSJ Explores Ned Flanders’ Planters Punch.

There's a reason why the Wall Street Journal's Eric Felton is my favorite spirits writer. He's not afraid to think outside the box, or inside the idiot box, where he drew inspiration for his latest column on fictional cocktails. Read it with pleasure. Serious Eats has doggedly tracked down a number of the original TV […]