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Is It Time to Revamp America’s Tipping System?

That's the question floated recently over at the Atlantic Food Channel, where Corby Kummer suggested that America's tipping culture is broken and needs to be fixed. Y&H has understood for more than two years now what kind of animosity tipping can bring out in diners. For those who don't remember, or missed it altogether, check […]

The Postmodern Condition/This Blog Revealed as a Sham

The Atlantic reports that 70% of complaints about restaurants relate not to food, but service. 70%! This number astounds because: 1. more Americans can agree that waiters suck than can agree who should be President, whether abortion should be legal, and whether Night at the Museum 2: Escape from the Smithsonian is a good movie. […]

This Week’s Most-Read Blog Posts on Young & Hungry

As you may have noticed, I've changed the title of this weekly feature, which is usually published under the name of Greatest Hits. I have done so out of respect for the top item about the passing of pastry chef Jérôme Girardot. There was nothing great about his untimely death, even if, in life, Girardot […]

Two Unsolicited Tips for Hostesses and Wait Staffers

Caring for the needs of the dining public is a pain in the ass. I know. I tried my hand at waiting tables in late 2007 at PS 7's. I'm sympathetic to Wait Staff Nation—the long hours they spend on their feet, the copious amounts of information they have to synthesize and deliver quickly to […]