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The ‘Wiching Hour: Pitmasters Back Alley Barbecue’s Carolina Chopped Pork Shoulder Sandwich

This sandwich is the size of a small dinner plate, and after consuming half of it, you’re exhausted.

Are You Gonna Eat That? Wagshal’s Kangaroo Steaks

Unless you’re Teddy Roosevelt, you may not have exotic meats readily stocked in the icebox. But if you’re ever so inclined, a trip to Wagshal’s would satisfy the urge for something with more flair than day-old meatloaf. “A lot of people want to try something they’ve never had before,” says Wagshal’s Pamela “Pam the Butcher” […]

Critic Robert Sietsema: D.C. Food Scene Doesn’t Suck Any More

Gee golly, they like us! Holier-than-thou New York foodies, be humbled: Village Voice restaurant critic Robert Sietsema (fifth cousin to Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema) has officially bestowed upon D.C. his stamp of approval. In fact, he says D.C.—gasp!—"beats New York in a few categories." Here's a taste of what he had to say about […]

The Butchers of Washington

When Red Apron Butchery announced in February that it would open a couple of local butcher shops this fall, including one in the District, I was thrilled. All things considered, I prefer my meat locally sourced and ethically raised—and to buy it from someone who can give me tips about the best cut for my […]

Y&H Tries His Hand at Raichlen’s Tenderloin Cheesesteak

As promised, Y&H put Steven Raichlen's tenderloin cheesesteak recipe to the test over the Labor Day weekend. By and large, I'd say it's a winning, low-carb and high-cholesterol approach to the classic Philly cheesesteak; the four of us gobbled the dish down with little complaint. But with all due respect to Raichlen, I do have […]

Has Michel Richard Set the Standard for D.C.’s Corned Beef Sandwich?

Last week I stopped at Central Michel Richard to find out what happens when a master French chef  takes on a humble corned beef sandwich. I was curious to see how the toque known for his creative spin on a Kit Kat bar (oh, excuse me, Michel's chocolate bar) would interpret the deli classic. The […]

Can Piedmontese Beef Help Lower Your Cholesterol? One Man’s Story.

Pam the Butcher at Wagshal’s was insistent that  “Piedmontese” beef — prime by the way — had lower cholesterol than chicken. “Of course," I said, "if you’re talking about a bucket of KFC with mac and cheese and biscuits and gravy.” I mean, seriously? Prime beef lower in cholesterol, saturated fat, and higher in all […]

It’s My Pho in a Box

The District's latest pho parlor is not really one at all. It's Wagshal's Delicatessen on Massachusetts Avenue NW, where executive chef Ann-Marie James has devised an ingenious take-out version of the Vietnamese noodle soup. Actually, it's less a take-out version, which implies that Wagshal's pho is ready to eat, than it is the adult version […]