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Bardo Brewpub Tapping 14-Year-Old Keg From Its Old Brewery

Bardo Brewpub, the open air bar on Bladensburg Road NE that has become a popular spot to catch an outdoor movie, play cornhole, or sit and drink beer while your dog roams around the 15,000 square-foot lot, will be pouring an ultra rare beer next weekend. On Saturday, Oct. 26, at 3 p.m., Bardo will tap […]

Finnish Research Lab to Recreate World’s Oldest Beer

In July 2010, salvage divers in the Baltic Sea discovered what could be the world's oldest bottles of beer. Since the early 1800s when a two-mast ship sank near Finland's Åland Islands, the beer sat undisturbed in a near-perfect setting for aging, out of the sunlight in under 164 feet of water and at a […]

Now That’s “Old Style”

Salvage divers in the Baltic Sea had already recovered some expensive bottles of champagne from a wreck when they made a surprise discovery: what may be the world's oldest case of beer. For 200 years the beer had lain undisturbed in 164 feet of water, out of the sunlight and at a near constant temperature […]

Delectable Deterioration: A Consideration of Vintage Beer

Editor’s Note: With Tim Carman away on vacation, Young & Hungry invited Greg Engert, the beer director for the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, which includes ChurchKey and Birch & Barley, to blog in his absence. For today’s blog post, I am following the lead of the Beerspotter and the Lagerheads and taking a question from the “Dear Abbey” […]