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Easter Peeps: You Can’t Escape Them!

PEEPS: An Easter Miracle of TERROR! – Funny videos are here And just think: We're still three weeks away from Easter.

What Were the Most Popular Y&H Posts in Foreign Countries Last Year?

As you can imagine, most of Y&H's readers are based right here in the God-fearing, gun-loving United States of America. But as I've been messing around with Google Analytics, I've discovered a number of posts from 2009 that played well in foreign countries, sort of like old blues musicians in Europe, I guess. Below you'll find the five most-popular Y&H […]

The Voltaggio Bros.’ Web Series: They’re Angling for Something Bigger

Given the way the most recent Top Chef season played out, Y&H has to think this Web series, hosted by Michael and Bryan Voltaggio, the winner and runner-up in the Bravo reality series, is just the beginning of something bigger for the brothers. Their own cooking show perhaps? A book deal? A traveling roadshow featuring a […]

Check Twice Before Blaming the Cat this Thanksgiving

This is both creepy and cute. But you'd think the animator could have at least bought a pumpkin pie without a dent in the tin.

How to Slice an Onion Without Crying

You might not believe this, but I love chopping onions. I like the precision of it. I like the tactile nature and the very physicality of it. I learned the proper technique from Susan Watterson, who's now at CulinAerie. What I don't love is the painful sulfur burn of chopping onions. I seem particularly sensitive […]

How to Choose, Wash, Hull, and Sweeten Strawberries

As we enter prime strawberry season, including the delicious pick-your-own variety, has a series of helpful videos on how to bring out the best in your berries. First up: Choosing strawberries. More videos after the jump.

It’s Come to This: Cartoons to Teach Us About Food Safety

Dr. Carl Winter at the University of California at Davis has created a series of animated music videos to teach us about the horrors of undercooked meat, cross-contamination, and how to properly wash our hands. OK, fine, but did they have to use an Eagles song?!

An Homage to Drive-In Movie Grub

This sweet-natured homage to the crap many of us consumed at the drive-in misses one important item: the cases of beer we'd smuggle in. The empties made for excellent projectiles should the flick not provide enough entertainment.

Gourmet’s Ruth Reichl Goes Undercover Again as…Amy Winehouse?

As cheesy as this video is, it's nice to see Gourmet not take itself so seriously.

Here’s One Thing You Can Do with Leftover Cadbury Creme Eggs

This is, without a doubt, the most elaborate, most amazing Rube Goldberg machine Y&H has ever seen. Things to Do with a Cadbury Cream Egg – watch more funny videos