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The New Fashion Trend for Spring? Aprons!

What does it say when fashion designers are inspired by an article of utilitarian clothing that once represented '50s-era gender roles? Y&H will have to ponder this some more, but at first blush, it strikes me as an attempt to inject a domestic note into an American culture increasingly fixated on work. Your thoughts, Y&H […]

The Science of Throwing Pumpkins Really Really Far

How does one begin to explain the appeal of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin? The annual event, held in some godforsaken field in Delaware, combines the awesome goddamn energy of a rocket launch with the teenage prankster desire to smash pumpkins. It dares to place medieval contraptions like the trebuchet right next to such high-tech […]

Trevor Corson on How to Properly Eat Sushi

A couple of years ago, Y&H had the pleasure of sitting down over sushi with Trevor Corson, author of The Story of Sushi. He taught me all about the fine art of nikiri sauces. In this short vid, he'll teach you how not to look like a tourist when visiting a sushi house. Take a […]

Gillian Clark Reveals the Secrets of Her Buttermilk Fried Chicken

In case you missed it last month, as Y&H did, chef Gillian Clark made an appearance on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, during which the General Store owner spilled the secrets to several of her best dishes, as if helpless against the spiky haired, bro-centric charms of Guy Fieri. She even gave the dude a demo […]

David Chang on the Qualities That Make a Great Chef

To get a sense of Chang's own qualities, read this excellent New Yorker profile. Video courtesy of Serious Eats.

The Not So Happy Meal

Yet more proof that McDonald's food can stand the test of time, though perhaps not in the manner the company would like.

And the Winner of the Curbside Cookoff Is…

OK, maybe the voting system for the Curbside Cookoff wasn't the most foolproof on earth. At least no one was electing leaders to rule an unruly country. The worst that could happen is that an unworthy food truck took home top honors. You be the judge if it did: The winner of the Curby Award […]

Wisconsin Farmer Grows the World’s Largest Pumpkin

I think you'd need a chainsaw to carve this pumpkin for Halloween. Clip courtesy of

Forget Hollywood. Make Your Own Edible Zombie Brain.

Well, it is the time of year for this stuff, isn't it?

Amsterdam Falafelshop Needs to Hire This Guy Fast

Greatest Falafel Picker In The World – Watch more Funny Videos Or at least add this nifty flip-and-catch routine to Amsterdam's training manual as the falafel shop starts taking over America.