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VIDEO: How Undone Chocolate Makes Its Bars

Behind the scenes with a real life Willy Wonka.

Sarah Silverman’s Warm Childhood Memories of Thanksgiving

Sarah Silverman's Thanksgiving Special from Sarah Silverman If you know Silverman, you know this animated video is NSFW. Best line: "I don't think it was the turkey's top 5 favorite moment either." Video courtesy of Funny or Die

Chow Supertaster James Norton Takes on Kiddie Kefir

The venerable James Norton has placed his pampered palate in harm's way many times before, but for this taste test, he takes one for Team Mommy and Daddy. He samples Lifeway's ProBugs Organic Whole Milk Kefir for kids. The first squirt is the deepest, James. (See the 1 minute, 15 second mark for reference.) Video […]

Chicago-Area Man Builds a Cupcake Car

It was only a matter of time. Y&H thinks Georgetown Cupcake may want to adopt this vehicle as its company car instead of this one. Video courtesy of WGN-TV

How to Truss Your Turkey Without Kitchen Twine

Chalk up another one for the Chow Tips series. I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten to buy kitchen twine! Video courtesy of

How to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey

How many of you have been there? You've spent hours — no, make that days — working on the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. Then you pull it out of the oven and butcher it to death. Here's how to carve your bird. Video courtesy of Epicurious

A Beer Delivery System Whose Time Has Come?

Y&H would love to see this machine in operation about, oh, six beers in. Clip courtesy of

Don’t Fry This at Home: Deep-Fried Turkey Disasters

Just remember this Thanksgiving: Frozen turkeys and hot fryer oil don't mix, unless you're celebrating the Fourth of July early.

Take a Look Inside NYC’s The Lobster Place

Ignore the promotional nature of this video and just weep over the fact that D.C. has nothing like The Lobster Place. I mean, the Maine Avenue Fish Market is good, but it's nothing like this place. It's just one reason why the District is still a level or two below the Big Apple as a […]

Blue Hill Chef Dan Barber Explains How Globalization Has Affected Our Diet

Do you buy the idea that Americans don't have a strong food culture and are therefore vulnerable to outside ingredients and influences? I have mixed feelings on this. I think it largely depends on region. Video by the