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Comparing D.C.’s New Crop of South American-Inspired Steakhouses

D.C. has long been overrun by steakhouses, but now a new breed is popping up. Within just more than a year, three South America–inspired steakhouses have opened—all within about a mile of each other. But they’re not all serving the same asados and pisco sours. Consult our handy guide to tell them apart. Chart by Carey […]

Victor Albisu Drops Out of Ballston Restaurant Challenge

The Ballston Restaurant Challenge has already been rife with drama as eight semifinalists competed for the chance to win a lease in the neighborhood with a year of free rent, a $245,000 interest-free loan, and other free legal and financial services. (Read last week's Y&H column about how the contest was not quite what it promoted […]

Del Campo’s Chivito Makes a Guest Appearance at G Sandwich Shop

The next of the monthly guest chefs at Mike Isabella's G sandwich shop: Del Campo's Victor Albisu. For January, he's bringing his take on the classic Uruguayan chivito sandwich to the menu. The hefty sandwich consists of seared ribeye, mortadella ham, olives, hearts of palm, and a fried egg. The price tag? $15. Which may […]

Price Check: Why Are Some New Restaurants Already Getting More Expensive?

If you thought Le Diplomate was expensive when it opened in April, you should see it now. The white-hot French brasserie from restaurateur Stephen Starr has increased the prices on nearly all of its entrées—anywhere from $1 to $4 per dish. The price tags for hors d’oeuvres, sides, and salads are mostly the same with […]

Dead Meat: Does D.C. Really Need More Steakhouses?

Washington just can’t seem to escape its reputation as a steak-and-potatoes town. For decades, the stereotypes of lobbyists with expense accounts cavorting over charred chunks of meat have overshadowed the city’s culinary cred. Only in recent years has the District started to erase memories of ribeyes and dudes in suits with its explosion of neighborhood […]

Snakes on a Plate: Snakehead Abounds, Except on Menus

Since the northern snakehead turned up in a lake in Crofton, Md., in 2002, the fish has loomed in the public imagination as a dark, monstrous invader. The presence of snakehead worried scientists, who knew that any invasive species poses an ecological threat; it concerned recreational anglers, who fretted that the snakehead, which has no […]

Can Del Campo’s Vegetarian Tasting Menu Convert a Meat Fanatic?

Victor Albisu is an accomplished chef and I am not, but we do have one thing in common: Most people believe they have us pegged as bearded, smoke-shrouded cavemen who sit around fires all day eating charred hunks of meat. Albisu takes some responsibility for the stereotype, although he doesn’t love the fact that he’s […]

Strips and Salsa: Why Fine-Dining Chef Victor Albisu Opened a Takeout Taqueria in the Suburbs

Nestled in the armpit of an aging L-shaped strip mall off Route 7 in Falls Church, next to a karate studio and a rug shop, sits carryout taqueria Taco Bamba. From the entrance to the Idylwood Shopping Center parking lot, it takes a minute to spot the taco shop’s name, displayed under a faded American […]

The ’Wiching Hour: Del Campo’s Chivito

The Sandwich: The Chivito Where: Del Campo, 777 I St. NW Bread: Brioche bun Stuffings: Seared ribeye, ham, mortadella, fried egg, olives, hearts of palm, lettuce, and onion Thickness: 4.5 inches

Get Your Sweetbread and Duck Confit Tacos at Taco Bamba Today

Hot off the opening of his first restaurant Del Campo, chef Victor Albisu's standup counter taqueria Taco Bamba makes its debut in Falls Church today. The shop—open breakfast through dinner—is located a few doors down from a Latino market owned by his mother. The menu is split into two categories: "Tradicionales" and "Nuestros" (ours). The […]