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Popular Basil Thyme Food Truck Rescued From Impound Lot

Popular food truck Basil Thyme (City Paper readers' pick for second-best food truck in the city) got towed from its vending location near Metro Center earlier today. DCist reports that operator Brian Farrell owed about $1,000 in outstanding parking tickets. Tuesday's parking enforcement action comes at a time when the city is revising its regulations […]

Chick-fil-A’s Food Truck Stirs Debate, But Nothing To Do With New Regs

The burgeoning D.C. food truck scene has generated a ton of debate of late, mostly about how the city should regulate the expanding fleet of mobile eats vendors. Likewise, today's news that national fast-food chain Chick-fil-A would soon launch its own D.C. food truck has also sparked some intense rhetoric. This time, though, the banter […]

Restaurant Association Tells City, ‘Go Back To The Drawing Board’ With Food Truck Rules

With D.C. food truck operators starting an online petition this week urging D.C. Council to pass newly proposed vending regulations, the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) today fired back with its own Internet campaign designed to stop the new rules in their, um, tracks. In a press release, RAMW tells city officials to "go back […]

D.C. Government Wants Food Trucks To Spread Out A Bit More

"Our encouragement to food trucks is to go out to other neighborhoods and scope out new potential locations. Not just keep going to the same place over again. Huge benefit of being mobile."—Helder Gil, legislative affairs specialist for the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, telling DCist about the city's intention to reduce "food […]

Why Don’t D.C. Food Trucks Just Pay Some Guy To Stand In Line?

In the spirit of this week's "Answers Issue" of Washington City Paper, Y&H has a few questions of his own. Here's one that pertains to the District's longstanding vending regulations, particularly the much maligned "ice cream truck rule," which, as presently written, specifically states that: "No roadway vending vehicle shall remain in any one (1) […]

Move Over, Ambulance Chasers! This Lawyer Is Following The Food Trucks

In the Post, Y&H alum Tim Carman profiles attorney Bert Gall of the Institute for Justice in Arlington on his current mission in life: "suing the living daylights out of cities that dare to limit the free enterprise of street vendors." Gall's work spans nationwide but Carman takes the opportunity to check in on the […]

Tell D.C. Council Not to Restrict Street Food Vending in the District

If you've been following Twitter today, you know that local food trucks have been asking more of you than usual. These new mobile vendors are collectively banding together to make their voices heard at the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and, by extension, the D.C. Council. And they need your help. They realize […]