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Chefs Veg Out: Ed Witt of 701

Short ribs and baby octopus may dominate many menus in the city, but that doesn't mean local chefs can't find love in an acorn squash. In Chefs Veg Out, we'll prove D.C.’s chefs can play with more than just meat. Name: Ed Witt Title: Executive Chef Restaurant: 701 Twitter: @EdWitt Cooking Since: 1993 Distinguishing Feature: […]

Jim Gaffigan on Bacon

Jim Gaffigan – Bacon – KING BABY – CD and DVD Available NOW! – watch more funny videos Y&H is beginning to think Jim Gaffigan should do an entire stand-up routine around food. He already has bits on Hot Pockets and vegetarians.

Jim Gaffigan on Vegetarians

Jim Gaffigan on Vegetarians – watch more funny videos "Do you know what they do with those chickens?" "No, but it's delicious."

New York Times to Vegans: Plants Don’t Want to Be Eaten, Either!

Y&H will try to ignore the Times' annoying habit of making every story they publish sound like the first word on the subject. After all, as revealing as Natalie Angier's report is, it still follows the more groundbreaking work of writers like Michael Pollan and Jeffrey Steingarten (whose somewhat tongue-in-cheek essay, "Salad the Silent Killer," […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Cured Meats or a Cure for Meat Eating?

Sometimes Y&H doesn't know how he ever lived without food blogs. How else would he learn about the rotten-egg alternative to Viagra or read with fascination one woman's campaign to avoid meat for five weeks? You're not gonna find this stuff on CNN, people! Gut Check surveys the meat mongers popping up in Northern Virginia. […]

PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk Wants to Be Barbecued Upon Death

Ingrid Newkirk is the founder of PETA, the animal rights organization known for exposing skin to save animal hides. Newkirk's latest attention-grabbing gimmick is to turn her will into a final statement about animal cruelty and meat-eating. Among the "suggested directions" of her will: That the “meat” of my body, or a portion thereof, be […]