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Six D.C. Food Trends To Look For in 2015

Vegetable-focused menus, family-style plates, and slices of cake are headed your way.

Chefs Veg Out: Annie Leconte of Litestars

Short ribs and baby octopus may dominate many menus in the city, but that doesn't mean local chefs can't find love in an acorn squash. In our ongoing series, Chefs Veg Out, we'll prove D.C.’s chefs can play with more than just meat. Name: Annie Leconte Title: Co-Founder (with husband, Didier Leconte, and son, Eric Leconte) and Nutritional […]

Wave Your Veggies In The Air Like You Just Don’t Care: Amsterdam Falafelshop Plots a Flash Mob

Eater DC reports on a coordinated multi-target flash-mob attack by vegetable-wielding activists planned for this coming  Wednesday, Aug. 10, at high noon. The event, organized by the owners of Amsterdam Falafelshop, is intended to raise awareness for higher-quality vegetables in fast food restaurants. According to details of the demonstration, posted on the Adams Morgan falafel […]

Comments Come True: Cork Market’s Grilled Vegetables With Goat Cheese and Pesto

Eating my way through your advice, an ambitious list of vegetarian sandwiches from 24 different restaurants. More Comments Come True. A few key criteria come into play when judging a sandwich: quality of the bread, quality of the guts and the quality of the construction. The last point is particularly true for vegetable-filled sandwiches. Usually […]

Whole Foods Wants to Be Your Prep Cook

While grocery shopping for this year's Thanksgiving meal, I spotted these shrink-wrapped wonders at my local Whole Foods. My first thought was what kind of over-privileged priss-ball can't chop his own friggin' vegetables? My second thought was to conduct a quick price comparison. The package of chopped celery and brunoise carrots sells for $3.07. I […]

Chris Crocker Wants to Know Who’s Protecting Defenseless Vegetables?

You knew that, sooner or later, someone would try to start People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables, and why not Chris Crocker, the Internet celebrity best known for tearfully defending Britney's comeback on MTV.