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PETA Honors D.C.’s Sticky Fingers Vegan Bakery

The animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has named D.C.'s Sticky Fingers vegan bakery (City Paper readers' pick for "D.C.'s Best Vegan Restaurant 2011") as a finalist for its annual Libby Awards. "Libby," in this case, is apparently short for "liberation." The awards "honor animal-friendly people and products," according to a […]

Political Food Jargon Watch: Meet “Plant-Based”

For those trying to navigate the delicate terrain of food identity politics, a new phrase seems to be popping up on the turf once dominated by vegetarians and vegans. When the group Farm Sanctuary praised the D.C. City Council last week for its Healthy Schools Act, the so-called "farm-animal protection organization" celebrated the law for […]

Rescheduled Meat Free Week Running Through Feb. 13

Not too long ago, Amber McDonald says she was the kind of aggressive steak eater who would have been an eager participant in Meat Week. But the antitrust lawyer switched to hardcore veganism a "little over a year ago when I read that a study had proven that cows were as intelligent and emotional as dogs. […]