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Where to Eat Offal and Awfully Named Dishes For Valentine’s Day

It’s all a bit black-and-white: eternal bliss and flutes of Champagne for the taken, mountains of garlic bread and organ meats for those sending caustic glances their direction.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Like You’ve Given Up on Love and Life

You could spend Valentine’s Day longingly and/or angrily looking at all the cheesy couple photos popping up on your social media feeds, OR you could go celebrate your love of finger foods and booze at Open City. Tonight’s special Anti-Valentine’s Day menu is “an ode to the food that you’d never eat on a date,” […]

Don’t Be the Jerk Who Doesn’t Show Up for a Valentine’s Day Table You Booked

Dino owner Dean Gold has heard every excuse—real or not—about why you couldn’t show up for your dinner reservation. “‘Oh, you know, we had a medical emergency,’” says Gold, repeating one common refrain. “And we’ve heard insanely tragic ones. We heard someone had a miscarriage.” Some swear they cancelled last week, when, in fact, they […]

What’s D.C.’s Most Romantic Restaurant?

Online reservation site Open Table has announced its 2012 Diners' Choice Award winners for the 100 most romantic restaurants in the U.S., as determined through some five million reviews from its registered members. D.C. has but one lonely representative on the list: Plume at the Jefferson Hotel, presumably bolstered in the rankings by its close […]

Mouthing Off: Y&H Readers Have Their Say

Did we destroy the myth of Maryland fried chicken? The thought struck me recently that I ask a lot from you, faithful Y&H Nation. Many of you respond in kind, perhaps hoping your words will one day appear in the newsletter (sign up at right!) or blog. And what do I do? I sit on […]

My Funny Valentine Dinners

Yesterday, as everyone with a honey knows, was Valentine's Day, one of the busiest restaurant days of the year. After mother nature took a giant snow dump on us last week, some restaurateurs were worried that their V-Day reservations might not be honored or might be canceled altogether (even as they secretly hoped to compensate […]

What’s It Mean When Your Beloved Gives You Gummy Maggots for V-Day?

OK, Carrie did give me an iPod, too, but I have a bad feeling that she's trying to get even after all those times when I've vetoed her suggestions on where to eat.

Where in Chicago Will the Obamas Eat on Valentine’s Day?

The Chicago Tribune handicaps the restaurants. (And you thought the D.C. media were obsessed with the Obamas' dining habits.) By the way, if the First Couple eats at California Pizza Kitchen on V-Day, I will take it as a sign that they've sold out to corporate interests! Image by Flickr user cliff1066

Nothing Says Romance Like a Roomful of Strangers

Don't get me wrong. You know I love restaurants. I spend many of my waking hours in them, and when I'm not in them, I'm thinking about them, writing about them, or talking to someone about them. But when I think about all the ways I could spend Valentine's Day with my wife, just about […]