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Break Out The Lipitor: It’s D.C. Meat Week!

Institutionally, Y&H has a special connection to D.C. Meat Week. After all, the last guy to occupy this seat, Tim Carman, sort of kick-started the whole thing in this very space back in 2009. All he really proposed was dinner.  "All I did was write a blog item about the non-D.C. event in 2009, mostly to […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Urban Bar-B-Que

More than four years ago at their Rockville location, Urban Bar-B-Que owners David Calkins and Lee Howard were turning out barbecue with an overtaxed metal smoker approximately the size of a dorm-room refrigerator. It was as much a convection oven as a smoker, a contraption that required employees to fill (and refill and refill) a […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

You've been Spiked. Y&H Nation couldn't get enough of Spike Mendelsohn last week. The news that Herr Burgermeister was close to opening his We, The Pizza enticed hundreds of you to read more about his Big Apple pie plans — and to re-read about his past troubles with a Capitol Hill landlord. Take a look […]

Smoking Out the Area’s Best Barbecue for Summer

If your Independence Day weekend was anything like mine, you ate a lot of smoke: smoked brisket, smoked ribs, smoked sausages, smoked corn. By the time our Fourth of July feast was ready on Sunday afternoon, I smelled like a crank shaft in an overheated Ford on a lonely stretch of Interstate 15 between Los […]

Urban Bar-B-Que in Sandy Spring Is Going Honky Tonkin’

Perhaps not honky tonkin' in the Hank Williams sense, but the Sandy Spring location of the mini-Urban Bar-B-Que chain is planning to add live music late this summer, after owners David Calkins and Lee Howard expand their smokehouse. When I spoke to Calkins on the phone this morning, he talked about not only adding live […]

Frozen Skyline Chili at Harris Teeter: Better Than You Think

Given the dearth of decent chili options in the area, save for Urban Bar-B-Que's smokehouse version and the thick, meaty one at Bobby's Crabcakes, I opted to do something I rarely do: shop the frozen food section at Harris Teeter. I had heard the chain sells Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chili. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit […]

Urban Bar-B-Que Does Chili, Too

Urban Bar-B-Que's David Calkins calls his smokehouse version the Two Step Chili because the ingredients come in pairs, sort of like the Noah's Ark of stews. Two different kinds of meat (ground chuck, chopped brisket), two styles of beans (pintos, black), and two sources of heat (chipotle, jalapeno). What Urban's chili lacks in presentation — my […]

Local Organizer Has No Beefs With Opening Night of Meat Week

The opening night of Meat Week apparently surpassed the local organizer's expectations, which perhaps wasn't hard, since they hovered somewhere near rock bottom. But 24 people showed up last night at Urban Bar-B-Que, which stayed open late to handle all the carnivores. "I was really impressed at the way Urban Bar-B-Que stepped up to handle […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Appetite: Meat Week Begins Sunday

Our week of rampant carnivorism is almost upon us, and many of you have apparently been bombarding our captain with questions about just what the hell is Meat Week? Or how do you participate? How much does it cost? Do you have to go every night? Does it come with a free prescription of Lipitor? […]

Beware: Meat Week Is Nearly Upon Us!

Meat Week, if I'm truly honest with myself, is not designed for cities like Washington D.C., where barbecue joints have to cater to the many different styles of American smoked meats. The smokehouse that dares to specialize in, say, Texas 'cue or Carolina pulled pork is the smokehouse destined to fail in the District. At […]