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This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

As you might have guessed, traffic to Y&H spiked tremendously this week on the news that celebrity chef Michel Richard had plans to move his base to the Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner. No other post this week had nearly as much traffic, despite the fact that Thursday was Food Day here at the paper. Michel Richard […]

The University of Florida Arrives, Dines, and Dashes

The 225 University of Florida athletes who lunched today at Old Ebbitt Grill arrived 15 minutes late, which meant that the cooks and servers had 15 fewer minutes to get this massive crew in and out the door. It was a damn impressive performance in the kitchen and on the dining room floor. Along the main, two-tier stainless-steel counter […]

Today’s Menu Meeting at Old Ebbitt: BBQ Sauce and 10Ks

The daily menu meeting at Old Ebbitt Grill is held in the back bar, where naked nymphs dance on clouds painted on the ceiling above the wooden stools and leather booths. The wait staff and bartenders are gathered here, dressed in their signature red bow ties and suspenders. It looks like an accountants' convention. Chef Robert McGowan […]

How to Feed 225 Hungry University of Florida Athletes

The line cooks at Old Ebbitt Grill know how to handle pressure. They're used to cranking out 2,000 meals a day, says General Manager Kyle Gaffney, but today will be different. Several teams from the University of Florida, including the national championship football squad, will be eating lunch at the Grill, starting at 11:15 a.m., […]