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The Top 10 Y&H Stories of 2013

2013 was a big year for 14th Street, doughnuts, local breweries, food trucks regulations, and Derek Brown. But which stories drew in the most readers? Revisit Y&H's top 10 most-viewed stories of the year below. Government shutdown food deals, the shenanigans of Thomas Foolery, and the downfall of TruOrleans were some biggest hits, along with D.C.'s greatest drunk […]

The Hungries: The Best and Worst of D.C. Restaurants in 2013

During the second week of May, four new restaurants opened up on 14th Street NW—the same number that debuted in the same corridor all of last year. Which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about 2013: It seemed hardly a day went by that D.C. didn’t see another new bar, restaurant, market, […]

The U Street Taco: A Glossary

Have you tried the U Street Taco yet? Inspired by Philadelphia's South Street Taco, this late-night treat is the extreme sloppy drunk food D.C. always needed but (until last week) never had. But the fun doesn't have to end there! For even more gustatory challenges, consult our handy glossary. The U Street Taco: A Ben's Chili Bowl chili half-smoke […]

Send Us Your U Street Taco Pics and Win Tickets to the Best of D.C. Fete

It's about time to get your weekend started. And Y&H has just three words for you: U Street Taco. For the uninitiated, this quintessentially D.C. sloppy drunk food consists of a Ben's Chili Bowl chili half-smoke wrapped in a jumbo slice. Watch the video below for instructions, then send your best U Street Taco photos […]

The U Street Taco

In Philadelphia, it’s called the South Street Taco. The alcohol-sopping, artery-clogging invention consists of a cheesesteak from Jim’s Steak wrapped in a jumbo slice from Lorenzo’s Pizza. It seems an injustice that D.C. doesn’t have its own assemble-it-yourself, Guy Fieri–slaughtering sloppy drunk food. So, we’ve created our own variation: the U Street Taco. Proceed with […]