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No More Pho Dogs At U Street Music Hall

Sad news for fans of Vietnamese beef broth-bathed frankfurters. Y&H has learned that U Street Music Hall, home of the pho dog, is, well, no longer the home of the pho dog. The electronic-music club—which also launched various other unique forms of bar food, including a pork belly doughnut, to varying degrees of success—recently quit […]

Bye-Bye, Jelly Belly! U Hall Makes Room For Pho Dogs Galore

Late night nosh spot U Street Music Hall is shaking up its eclectic menu yet again. On Christmas Eve, the Northwest D.C. nightclub debuted its latest collection of interesting finger foods, including no fewer than six different variations of its original pho dog. The various new twists on the house-made Vietnamese soup-flavored frankfurter comes at […]

Georgetown Cupcake, Eat Your Heart Out: Jesse Tittsworth’s Crew Debuts the Octopus Cupcake

Is there no limit to the District's bizarre cupcake fetish? First, Bourbon Steak unveiled the savory pork cupcake. Now, U Street Music Hall co-owner Jesse Tittsworth's entourage has attempted to push the boundaries of baked and frosted shark-jumping even farther with the octopus cupcake, dubbed "Moombahpus." See video below:

Lutheran Confessions: What’s the Real Origin of ChurchKey’s Chicken-Doughnut Sandwich?

Prolific chef Erik Bruner-Yang may have touched off a local comfort food controversy when discussing the origins of the unusual "jelly belly" pork-doughnut sandwich at U Street Music Hall. In a recent interview with Young & Hungry correspondent Marcus Dowling, Bruner-Yang credited collaborator and U Hall co-owner Jesse Tittsworth with creating the concept in response […]

Cruller Intentions

Fabio Trabocchi has long impressed critics through his innovative cooking—smoking meats and fish over smoldering thatches of hay, for instance, or infusing his lasagna with offal. But at Fiola, Trabocchi’s latest Italian eatery in Penn Quarter, nothing impressed me more than the simple bombolini: golf-ball-sized puffy pillows of aromatic freshly fried dough, stuffed with ricotta […]

Jelly Belly Telling: The Deepest Dish Yet on U Hall’s Weird New Menu

Vaunted dance venue U Street Music Hall continues to impress. Perhaps even more impressive than the high quality of musical acts booked to play at the venue is the surprising success of the proprietors' atypical approach to nighttime dining. The inventive "pho dog," in particular, proved so popular that some patrons were willing pay cover […]

Quick Feeding: Pork Belly Doughnut Debuts at U Hall

Even the Fractured Prune Didn't Think of That: D.C.'s tantalizer-in-chief Erik Bruner-Yang is at it again. The chef behind the cover-charge-worthy pho dog has again partnered with U Street Music Hall proprietor Jesse Tittsworth on some inventive new menu items set to debut at the club this weekend, including a pork belly doughnut (pictured above) […]

Toque of the Town: Toki Underground’s Erik Bruner-Yang

Most chefs would profess to pouring a little heart and soul into every dish they make. Erik Bruner-Yang adds something more: a dash of DNA. “I taste every single bowl of ramen that leaves the kitchen,” he says. Consider it a kiss from the cook. “Everyone gets a little backwash,” he laughs. Lately, the guy’s […]

Pho Dog Will Survive Massive U Hall Menu Overhaul

Pho dog aficionados take heart. U Street Music Hall is sticking with its innovative Vietnamese twist on the traditional frankfurter. "We're revamping the menu and it's one of the only items that will carry on," U Hall co-owner Jesse Tittsworth tells Young & Hungry. The grilled beef or tofu link, bathed in homemade pho broth, […]

The Passenger’s Kimchi Hot Dog Is Happiness in a Warm Bun

From across the street, you can almost peer through the glass storefront at The Passenger and imagine a dimly lit Nighthawks. I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit of a stewing loner myself as Tom Brown keeps his hands busy at the bar.  The cocktail I ordered has left a bad taste in my […]