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Endangered Sighting: A Crushed Can of Blue Raspberry Four Loko

While Glover Park’s preppy twentysomethings have been tossing their alcoholic beer cans to the ground for years, count what's pictured above as an endangered sighting: a crushed, presumably consumed can of Four Loko, the caffeinated-alcohol packed beverage that’s been discontinued after a number of state and local jurisdictions banned the product and the U.S. Food […]

FDA Commissioner: We Need to Take a ‘Farm to Table’ Approach to Food Safety

Margaret Hamburg, commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, was the keynote speaker this morning at the Atlantic Food Summit at the Newseum. In her opening remarks, she addressed a wide range of issues, including revising the outdated, 70-year-old food safety laws and revamping product labels to make it easier for consumers to make healthy choices […]

Y&H to Live Blog from the Atlantic Food Summit

Y&H doesn't usually have his first cup of coffee by 8 a.m., but today, I'll be awake, caffeinated, and confabbing away at the Newseum, where The Atlantic is hosting its Food Summit, which starts at the ungodly time of 8:20 a.m. I will attempt to live blog the event, if the coffee keeps flowing and […]