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Terrapin Launch Night at Rustico

This week marked the arrival of Athens, Ga. brewery Terrapin to the D.C. area, with launch nights at Galaxy Hut on Tuesday and Rustico on Wednesday. I missed out on Galaxy Hut, but at a packed Rustico I sipped guzzled flagship and rare brews alike, all in free swag glassware. Terrapin is only coming as […]

Belgian Styles: Putting Rumors to Rest

You'd be hard pressed to go into a DC bar and not find at least one Belgian beer, or Belgian-influenced beer, available. In establishments with, shall we say, less than robust selections this usually means Stella, Blue Moon, or Leinie's Sunset Wheat, but DC Beer Week has had a lot of really great Belgian beer […]

Top 5 Beer Menus in Columbia Heights

I love my neighborhood of Columbia Heights, and I love lists. So when Spud Lite at The Heights Life posted his top 5 beer menus in Columbia Heights yesterday, I got to reading faster than a tween on Harry Potter release night. I was semi-outraged — not angry, but not mock outraged, so maybe just […]

What Makes a Perfect Beer?

Chow has deemed Russian River Supplication the perfect beer, a sour brown ale with sour cherries and three strains of wild yeast (including that Brettanomyces you may have heard of)...and oak-aged in Pinot Noir barrels. As part of their "The Perfect" series, which also crowns hamburgers, martinis, olive oil, and a host of other foods, […]

Like Light Beer, Stenson’s Mayostard Saves You Time

Yesterday's post about light-light beer Bud Select 55 got me thinking that in a way, Bud is making the drinker's convenience product: beer with added water as a hangover deterrent. Which reminded me of Mayostard, the similarly convenient sandwich spread from the hilarious and missed Mr. Show. More videos after the jump, including Mustardayonnaise and […]

Imperial Beer: Fit for a Queen

According to old-school spellcheckers Merriam and Webster, the term imperial means (1) anything relating to an empire or emperor, or (2)  something of superior or unusual size or excellence. The first definition was what British brewers had in mind when they started making Imperial Stouts, and the second is why many American craft brewers are using […]

Budweiser Launches Select 55, Light Beer Arms Race Gets Absurd

At a certain point, you've got to just call it water. Not to be outdone by a fellow conglomerate, Anheuser-Busch InBev raised (lowered?) the stakes against MillerCoors' MGD Light 64 with its launch this week of Bud Select 55. The new light beer, which I promise is not a joke, boasts a slender and eponymous […]

Gone Rogue

There's a lot to love about Rogue. Its a legendary brewery, featuring a prolific brewmaster, that has been perfecting ales for over 20 years. It was a forerunner in the extreme hopping trend that emerged from the West Coast in recent years (and we're NOT talking about adventure sports for bunnies). Its brews come in beautifully designed bottles, both […]

Room 11 Opens This Week

One of several watering holes opening this season, Room 11 at Lamont and 11th Street in Columbia Heights officially opens its doors tonight. With an outdoor patio and affordable prices, this small wine bar just outside the over-developed frenzy that has become Columbia Heights is sure to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. According […]

Y&H Has Left the Building. It’s Time for a ‘Two Week Bender.’

Your semi-humble Y&H is taking a break before his brain turns into congee. I will be out for the next two weeks, but in my place, Editor Andrew has devised something that may mean the end of my job permanently. Starting Monday, Y&H will morph into Two Week Bender. For the next couple of  weeks, […]