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Instagramming Food Porn For Restaurants? That’s A Real Job.

It's not just major restaurant brands that hire social media managers. Local eateries do it too.

The D.C. Dining Scene’s Most Prolific Tweeters

Which D.C. restaurant and bar folks have the biggest followings?

People of the Social Media! José Andrés Apparently Gives Up Twitter

"We have nothing else to share on that tweet…" says the chef's publicist

José Andrés Inches Dangerously Close to Twitter Spat With Piers Morgan

Young & Hungry isn't quite sure in what context that Larry King-replacement Piers Morgan said that chefs that hail from Knifecrime Island are the best in all the world, but it certainly irked José Andrés, Spain’s unofficial ambassador to D.C. The culinary star tweeted on Sunday: Mr. Pier Morgan is clueless when he says that […]

Ozersky to Five Guys Fans: You’re Mindless White Trash

File this under Fightin' Words. Burger-meister Josh Ozersky posted this on his Twitter account earlier today: Also: Five Guys is as bad a burger as there is. Their fans are basically the fast-food equivalents of Juggalos. I don't get it. For the uninitiated (like me, until five minutes ago when I Googled the term), Juggalos […]

Time Mazagine Says Food Tweets Are Boring

Let me see if I have this straight: Time writer Josh Ozersky, he of Wedding Gate, spends nearly 1,000 words (nearly one thousand words!) to tell us that food Tweets are boring. That they don't say anything. That Ruth Reichl's staccato dreaminess makes his head swell like a puffer fish. Ozersky also wants us food […]

Lobster Truck Has ‘Em Hooked Already

The Red Hook Lobster Pound truck finally made its debut today on Farragut Square, where City Paper's own Kim Chi Ha snapped this pic. She estimated there were 50 people waiting in line for a lobster roll. She returned to the scene 90 minutes later and discovered the line was even longer. People are bitching […]

Twitter-verse to Georgetown Cupcake Fans: You’re Insane!

The reaction was swift (and harsh) to last week's photo of people sweating outside for their chance to buy a Georgetown Cupcake. Here's a sample of what the Twitter-verse had to say: @Staceyviera: (Ppl are sheep. SHEEP!) @ja3: More proof that people will always exceed my expectations for stupidity.

Guess Where Tom Colicchio Ate Today?

Just minutes ago, the Top Chef honcho posted this question on his Twitter account: Guess where I am (I guess Tom doesn't believe in punctuation, but, hey, it's Twitter. I have to say, I'm slightly concerned that Colicchio's account is not verified, although it does say, "This is my real twitter page. All others are […]

The Habit of Change at Sticky Rice

The young waiter was efficient as hell, and he had to be. Sticky Rice was packed solid on a Tuesday night. Potential customers were lingering by the door, hoping to get a taste of the joint's B-grade sushi and tater tots. (Hey, here's an idea: Why don't you add a few more toasted sesame seeds to […]