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EcoFriendly Foods’ Bev Eggleston Dances and Raps

Things got a little crazy at the Dupont Circle farmers market last weekend when EcoFriendly Foods founder Bev Eggleston showed up in a turkey costume with a red sequined thong and pasties underneath. Eggleston also rapped for us about the benefits of his local pasture-raised birds over the supermarket variety: Photos by Darrow Montgomery

Birds to Live By

EcoFriendly Foods founder Bev Eggleston is making gobbling noises from the back of a truck, where he’s selling turkeys. Just in case that didn’t draw enough attention, he’s dressed in a giant turkey costume, too. “I think my giblets are showing,” he shouts to the crowd that’s come to pick up their Thanksgiving birds at […]

Food News You Can Use: Why Fried Turkeys and Four Lokos Suck

Mike Shanahan's decision-making on Sunday may have been a bitter pill to swallow, but we're here today to rinse the nasty taste out of your mouth. Straight to the food news: A new Tryst-type spot called Bistro 18 will be opening up where Oya's Mini Bazaar and African Art used to be at 2420 18th […]

Where Do You Stand on China’s Dog-Eating Habits?

The Chinese government is considering a ban on dog meat in the country, which has consumed the animal for centuries without much of a moral burp. But according to this Al Jazeera report, the budding Chinese middle class has started to adopt the Western habit of pet ownership, making many queasy about skinning and butchering […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Well, well, it's clear what kind of crowd we have here at Young & Hungry: the kind that likes to watch Paula Deen take a frozen ham to the schnoz. The video was, far and away, the most popular post this week. Honestly, I don't know how we live with ourselves. Here's what you clicked […]

Pilgrim’s Pride: Buying the Turkey

As we head into Thanksgiving, Y&H wants to help you eat like a pilgrim (a Native American, too, because we’re all about equal opportunity eating here). In other words, we want to help you eat locally for the holiday. Almost 400 years ago, the pilgrims had no choice but to eat local. These days, we […]

How to Brine a Turkey

Y&H salutes for this smart, straight-forward video on how to brine your turkey. Brining, of course, is a terrific way to avoid dry, tasteless, and under-seasoned birds that require a gallon of gravy to make them palatable. But as chef Michael Chiarello from Bottega in Yountville, Calif., points out, brining is no insurance against inferior turkey. Plenty of things can […]

Veg Day on Y&H: How to Make a Good Vegetarian Gravy

Vegetarian Gravy Recipe – Watch today’s top amazing videos here – For more funny movies, click here Some of you may already know about my dislike for the standard roast turkey, an often juice-less and/or gamey bite of bird that requires a small vat of gravy to make it palatable. Unless that turkey comes smoked, […]