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Are You Gonna Eat That? Smith Commons’ Turducken

Where to Get It: Smith Commons, 1245 H St. NE; (202) 396-0038; Price: $19 What It Is: This meme-worthy dish is typically created by stuffing a deboned chicken into a deboned duck into a deboned turkey. Smith Commons’ version looks less like one animal swallowing another and more like they all got caught in […]

Gut Reaction: Red Palace’s ‘Burporken’ Is One Meat Over The Top

Forget the turducken, that notorious chicken stuffed inside duck stuffed inside turkey stuffed inside sportscaster John Madden, among other meat aficionados. The latest triple threat to hit the carnivore scene veers beyond mere nesting birds. I'm referring, of course, to the signature Burporken sandwich at the Red Palace. Just one of eight protein-packed options on […]

The History of Deep-Fried Turkeys, Turduckens, and Honey-Baked Hams

Why does it not surprise Y&H that all three of these items have their roots in the South? The honey-baked ham segment, in particular, is quite fascinating, even though I'd rather eat the roadkill off an 18-wheeler's tires than a honey-baked ham. (Just kidding, Smithfield. Keep those PR letters to yourself please!)