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Top Chef Exit Interview: Marjorie Meek-Bradley

"I don’t think I could have gone out in a way that I could have been prouder."

Top Chef Recap: One Out of Three Ain’t Bad

Marjorie Meek-Bradley's odds are looking good.

Top Chef Exit Interview: The Shaw Bijou’s Kwame Onwuachi

"I think my personality shined through."

Top Chef Recap: Around the World

Because you can't go to Oakland without seeing M.C. Hammer

Top Chef Recap: Death to the Man Bun

When the judges think your salad is a dessert, that's a problem

Top Chef Season Odds, Starring Marjorie Meek-Bradley

D.C. has two strong contenders this season.

Top Chef Recap: Eating with Eyes and Hands

More safety for D.C.

Top Chef Recap: Fish Taco Edition

Odds are looking good that at least one D.C. chef makes the final four.

Top Chef Recap: Big Gay Wedding Edition

D.C. is on a roll

Top Chef Recap: Welcome Back, José Andrés

Solar-powered cooking