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Top Chef Season Odds, Starring Marjorie Meek-Bradley

D.C. has two strong contenders this season.

Top Chef Recap: Eating with Eyes and Hands

More safety for D.C.

Top Chef Recap: Fish Taco Edition

Odds are looking good that at least one D.C. chef makes the final four.

Top Chef Recap: Big Gay Wedding Edition

D.C. is on a roll

Top Chef Recap: Welcome Back, José Andrés

Solar-powered cooking

Top Chef Recap: District On a Roll

The knives remain unpacked.

Top Chef Recap: Pride Restored


Barrel’s Garret Fleming Rips Mike Isabella on Top Chef, Then Loses

Fleming committed a "basic cooking error," said the Head Judge.

Three D.C. Chefs Will Appear on Top Chef Season 13

Yes, Top Chef is still on the air!

How Long Have All D.C. Chefs Lasted On Top Chef? (Spoiler)

Kapnos chef George Pagonis didn't do so well in the first episode.