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Eater May Have Spoiled the Finale of This Season’s ‘Top Chef’

Eater continues to doggedly pursue the details of next season's apparent "all-star" edition of Top Chef to the detriment of the current season. The website's latest posting features some undercover work at the Bowery  Whole Foods, where Eater spies snap some pictures of what appear to be cheftestants scrambling for ingredients. All of this is […]

Food News You Can Use: Is D.C. a ‘Food City’? Are You Tired of People Asking?

There's lots of news to pass along, so let's not waste time with idle blog-chat. The Prez parties at graham elliot in Chicago for his 49th. [Obama Foodorama] Is D.C. a "food city" or just a second-rate Big Apple? [Grub Street] Metrocurean is getting a facelift, complete with video. [Metrocurean]

Tonight on ‘Top Chef': Patrick O’Connell, Crab Cakes, and Ayrshire Farms

As Y&H's colleague Warren Rojas points out over on Gut Check, tonight's episode of Top Chef is all about NoVa. Well, mostly about NoVa. The quickfire challenge will involve Maryland blue crab as the main ingredient and Inn at Little Washington chef/owner Patrick O'Connell as the guest judge. The elimination challenge will ask the contestants […]

Don’t Put Your Money on Kenny Winning ‘Top Chef’

Eater reported yesterday that Top Chef contestant (and enemy to Angelo) Kenny Gilbert was named executive chef at the PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Eater views this as a sign of the apocalypse — or at least a sign that Kenny doesn't win Top Chef D.C. In the sort of […]

The Best and Worst of ‘Top Chef’ D.C., Episode 4

Cooking for babies: So Tom and Padma both have infants. Tom and Padma are both judges on Top Chef. Tom and Padma are busy, flying here and there to run restaurants or write cookbooks or get pregnant. Tom and Padma don't have time for babies. Tom and Padma don't want to be turned into Child […]

Food News You Can Use: ‘Top Chef’ D.C. Contestants ‘Suck Balls’

The mood over this season's Top Chef is turning dark. The critics are claiming the cheftestants (still can't stomach that word) are inferior to previous seasons. Hell, they can't even make a pie. The media have their say: Joe Yonan and Bonnie Benwick over at WaPo, ahem, knead-le the chefs over their pies: "If you […]

The Best and Worst of ‘Top Chef’ D.C. Episode 3

Sweet nothings: The Top Chef franchise may have jumped the shark (pie) with the ham-fisted (if I may mix my metaphors this morning) cross-promotion with Top Chef: Just Desserts, hosted by Gail Simmons and Elvis. Sorry, I mean Jean Georges poser/pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini. Always a good time to pie: The quick-fire challenge to bake […]

Food News You Can Use: The Sam Kass Is Hot Edition

If there was any theme to Wednesday night's episode of Top Chef D.C., it had to be this: Assistant White House chef Sam Kass is a total, to-die-for hunk, more than deserving of his spot on People magazine's list of the 100 most beautiful people. Serious Eats found Kass good enough to eat: "This week […]

‘Top Chef’ D.C. Episode II: The Bipartisandwich

How many of you felt a slight wave of nausea when Padma used the word, "Bipartisandwich" during the opening minutes of Top Chef D.C. last night? My nausea grew into a full-on case of dry heaves when the quick-fire challenge became the cooking equivalent of a three-legged race: Producers bound two chefs together in a […]

What’s the Current Line on ‘Top Chef’ Contestants?

Who will win Top Chef D.C.? calculates the percentages. See explanation below. Yeah, that's right. There's a sports book that's handicapping the cheftestants on Top Chef this season, and the odds-on favorite is not who you'd expect it to be. Despite publicly admitting that he wants to be the first contestant "to win every […]