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The Last Days of This Year’s Tomato Season

Whether you believe it or not, I'm pretty sentimental about the things I care about.  Glory still makes me weep every time I watch that scene on the beach. This little guy will forever own a piece of my heart. And around this time of year, I begin to mourn the loss of good, fresh-from-the-vine […]

Learn to Can All Those Summer Tomatoes

If food wastage is a sin — or at least contributes to Third World poverty — then we owe it to ourselves to be better guardians (if that's the right word) of the products we buy and grow. How many fresh summer tomatoes, for instance, have you let rot away on the counter over the […]

Gourmet Examines the Slave Labor That Brings Us Winter Tomatoes

Barry Estabrook's piece in the March issue of Gourmet has been making the rounds among foodies, and for good reason. It hits most of us where we live. It looks at the illegal immigrants who are turned into defacto slaves so we can enjoy our mealy winter tomatoes at a cost that's convenient to our […]