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The Passenger and Birch & Barley Silence My Standard Brunch Bitchings

After waiting in a line that extended out the door, I'm now surrounded by an army of parents with their baby strollers, who are waging a noise offensive. My eggs aren’t warm, and my distracted server looks as hungover as me. My cocktail may be bottomless, but what's the point if it's merely a horrible […]

The Passenger’s Kimchi Hot Dog Is Happiness in a Warm Bun

From across the street, you can almost peer through the glass storefront at The Passenger and imagine a dimly lit Nighthawks. I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit of a stewing loner myself as Tom Brown keeps his hands busy at the bar.  The cocktail I ordered has left a bad taste in my […]

Bon Appétit: The Passenger One of the Best New Cocktail Bars in America

Bon Appétit's August issue includes a breakdown of the "Top 10 Best New Cocktail Bars" in America, and right there at the bottom of the page is the Brown brothers' punk-like exercise in personalized drinking, The Passenger, as well as its nerdy, science-obsessed sibling, the Columbia Room. Author Andrew Knowlton wrote this about Tom and […]

The Latest in Bar Trends: ‘Shrubs’ and ‘Picklebacks’

This weekend while walking the streets of Chinatown, I ran into Tom Brown standing outside the Passenger. He was trying to absorb the last few rays of  sunshine before taking his turn behind the bar. We got to talking, and he mentioned the latest madness among bar drinkers: those who ask for a shot of […]

Celebrate Repeal Day with a Drink in Both Hands

On Dec. 5, 1933, just 10 months after Congress proposed it, enough states had finally ratified the 21st Amendment so that America could, once and for all, repeal Prohibition and end the country's long Noble Nightmare Experiment. I'm not sure if it's residual relief, or just another excuse to party, that continues to fuel our […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

As if you needed any more proof that we're mired in a recession, just check out the top posts from this week: They're focused on good, old-fashioned drinkin'. Here's to better times, y'all... In the meantime, the most-read posts from the week: Women of Craft Beer: A Quick List (*) Paste Names Best 25 American […]

First Look at The Passenger

Take some of D.C.'s best-known cocktail and wine bartenders and you get...a good neighborhood beer bar, obviously. Well, not quite; I have selective vision that turns pretty much all bars into beer bars. But The Passenger, which opens tonight at 5 p.m., is nay Cork nor Gibson, the wine and cocktail pedestals that the Brown […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

If there's anything that grips Y&H readers, it's tragedy, and it doesn't get much more tragic than the homicide of Nori Amaya, the co-owner of Coppi's Organic on U Street. People were obviously desperate for information on the strangulation. Even our negligible little item was widely visited. Here's how the week shook out: Nori Amaya's […]

Tom and Derek Brown to Channel Spirits and Iggy Pop at the Passenger

Tom and Derek Brown have pour, mixed, and stirred drinks at some of the best spots in the District: Komi, Citronelle, Palena, the Gibson, Corduroy, and Cork. But when the brothers decided to open their own joint, The Passenger, they didn't want anything as formal as their former places of employment. "I wanted a place […]

So You Want to be a Cocktail Nerd? Pt. III

One of the truly defining characteristics of being a cocktail nerd is making your own ingredients–syrups, tinctures, cordials and–the granddaddy of them all–bitters. Bitters are essential to the cocktail, which, incidentally, was first defined in 1806 in a Hudson, New York newspaper called the Balance & Columbian Repository as containing spirits, water, sugar and bitters.