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What Happened to Radius Pizza’s Previous Owner?

Radius Pizza is set to reopen under the new ownership of Matt and Lenka Culbertson tonight at 5 p.m. But what ever happened to previous chef and owner Todd Wiss? He and his wife and partner Nicole Wiss went MIA after the restaurant closed in July and did not respond to Y&H's calls and emails. […]

Birch & Barley Crew’s Uncensored Night on the Town

What do chefs do when they're not getting other people to eat and drink? Eat and drink, of course. Birch & Barley chef Kyle Bailey, pastry chef (and Bailey's wife) Tiffany MacIsaac, and beer director Greg Engert are featured hitting the town on their night off in the chef-focused video series called Munchies on […]

Pay Cheese: Radius Charges Extra For Fancy Parmesan

Oh, what trying times are these for the once-free perks of dining out: We've seen complimentary bread baskets removed from the dinner table. We've seen bread service come at a fee. We've even seen a few cents demanded for tap water. And now your traditional pizza sprinklings are arriving at an additional cost, too: Radius […]

A Pizza for All Seasons at Radius

I want my pizza large and thin. Not too limp, not too crispy. I'm of the New York/New Jersey tradition. I want a cheese slice. Simple. So it surprised me when I couldn't resist the seasonal pies of Mount Pleasant's Radius.

Black Restaurant Group Pulls the Old Chef Switcheroo

Y&H is late in reporting this — but, hell, so is everyone since Jeff Black doesn't typically employ an army of PR agents to spoon feed us food writers with tips and breaking news  — but the Black Restaurant Group has filled the executive chef position at its flagship operation, Black's Bar & Kitchen, following […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Y&H Blog

Here, once again, are the Top 10 items from the week, as decided by you, the loyal reader: 1. NBC Washington Calls Lauriol Plaza the 'Best Mexican Food in D.C.' 2. Food Tats: Cupcakes Are the New Skulls 3. The New Generation of Hershey's Kisses Cookies for the Holidays 4. When Sex and Food Go […]

More on Todd Wiss’ Departure at Black’s Bar and Kitchen

Todd Wiss, the former executive chef at Black's Bar and Kitchen, disputes owner Jeff Black's explanation as to why he was let go earlier this month at the Bethesda restaurant. The dismissed toque says he was called into a meeting on Dec. 2 and told that Black's could "no longer pay my salary" because of […]

Todd Wiss Out as Executive Chef at Black’s Bar and Kitchen

Jeff Black, co-owner of the Black Restaurant Group, confirmed today that Todd Wiss was removed as executive chef at Black's Bar and Kitchen in Bethesda at least two weeks ago. The chef's stay was short. Wiss, the former sous at Poste Moderne Brasserie, was installed as executive chef at Black's in June. "We just had […]