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Bar Sprawl

Todd Thrasher pulls a lighter out of his pocket and holdsthe flame to a slice of grapefruit rind. There’s a tiny poof of black smoke as he rubs aromatic oils around the rim of a glass, using the rind to stir the orange drink with Aperol, gin, Macchu Pisco, and five drops of salt water. […]

Tales Behind the Cocktails at TNT Bar

Rock 'n' roll-themed bar TNT soft-opens tonight at 5 p.m. inside Eamonn's on Columbia Pike. Mixology master Todd Thrasher of PX and Restaurant Eve has created a cocktail menu featuring half of his own creations and half from bartender friends across the country. Thrasher plans to rotate the borrowed cocktails every three months and his […]

James Beard Loves D.C.: Local Semifinalists For Foodie Oscars Announced

The esteemed James Beard Foundation today announced a bevy of semifinalists for its coveted chef and restaurant awards and the D.C.-area food scene is well represented. Eater DC has a comprehensive breakdown. Among the noms: Fiola and Little Serow each get a nod in the "Best New Restaurant" category. Palena's Frank Ruta is in the […]

All About Eve: Fucking Up

The newly renovated Tasting Room at Eve: No place for rookies. The first week I worked at Restaurant Eve, I felt like I was losing motor skills at the end of a double shift. I'm generally clumsy anyway, and I hadn't yet mastered the stops and starts of maneuvering a busy dining room, in which […]

All About Eve, Part IV: Dinner Service Pregame

Welcome to the fourth installment of All About Eve, Young & Hungry’s behind-the-scenes glimpse of working at Restaurant Eve. You can read previous posts here In the three months I’ve worked at Eve, several times a week just before service is an announcement of a mysterious reservation at 5:30 with no notation of a birthday, anniversary, […]

All About Eve, Part III: Grape Expectations

Welcome to the third installment of All About Eve, Young & Hungry’s behind-the-scenes glimpse of working at Restaurant Eve. You can read previous posts here. Ren and Stimpy. Felix and Oscar. Leonard and Guy. Leonard and Guy are two servers on the floor at Eve's Tasting Room. Leonard is  6-foot plus, wears terrific glasses, and […]

All About Eve, Part I: Surrounded by Food and Still Constantly Hungry

This is my fridge. As a  food lover and sometimes food writer, I have not bought groceries from a Harris Teeter or Whole Foods, let alone a farmers market, since late July. This empty shell reflects the sorry state of my kitchen. How did I get here? Having found myself at a work-life crossroads, I […]

David Blaine Stops by Eve, Inspires New Cocktail

Yesterday afternoon, Y&H received an emergency e-mail from Meshelle Armstrong over at Restaurant Eve. Illusionist and endurance specialist David Blaine was in the house!, she wrote. And apparently not hanging upside down by wires. Meshelle and chef/husband Cathal Armstrong, the duo behind the four-star performer, are big fans of Blaine. Meshelle said the magician was going […]

20th Anniversary of ‘Cocktail': Jello Biafra’s Kind of Movie?

When Cocktail first hit theaters in 1988, I have to admit I had no interest in seeing it. Why would I want to watch a Tom Cruise vehicle in which bartending was made to look like dorked-out synchronized swimming with 750 ml bottles? I would have preferred being clocked by a broken whiskey bottle than watch Cruise twirl […]

So You Want to be a Cocktail Nerd? Pt. III

One of the truly defining characteristics of being a cocktail nerd is making your own ingredients–syrups, tinctures, cordials and–the granddaddy of them all–bitters. Bitters are essential to the cocktail, which, incidentally, was first defined in 1806 in a Hudson, New York newspaper called the Balance & Columbian Repository as containing spirits, water, sugar and bitters.