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Todd English’s Back and Forth With MXDC

So apparently Todd English is still involved with MXDC, after all? Back in December, Eater reported the celebrity chef had issued a press release declaring that he would no longer be associated with the Mexican restaurant owned by Aziz Safi after the end of his consultancy. “Aziz and I have been friends for a long time and […]

Todd English’s Mexican Restaurant Opens Today

Todd English is back. The celebrity chef, who once operated Olives in the District, is partnering with local restaurateur Aziz Safi of Panache to open a mod-Mex spot at 14th and F streets NW called MXDC tonight. Why a Mexican restaurant? "I've always been a huge Mexican food fan," says English, who tells Y&H he's been planning a spot […]

Shell Raiser

Air Force colonel-turned-oyster farmer Bruce Wood pilots his boat from his dock toward a tiny island in the middle of Nomini Creek in Virginia’s Northern Neck. “Now, here’s a dichotomy,” says Wood, wearing a bright pink shirt and khaki shorts, as the wind blows back his hair on a recent Saturday. “I was in charge […]

All the Food News You Can Use

Or, more accurately, all the food news Y&H cares to report at 8 p.m. on a Monday. Regardless of my level of enthusiasm at this late hour, much has been going on in the local restaurant world, and here's a taste of it. Metrocurean has a deliciously biting item on yet another celebrity steakhouse coming […]