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Dogfish Head Featured on Today, Discovery Channel Show to Premiere In November

This morning Today ran a segment on craft beer featuring Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware and its charismatic founder Sam Calagione.  If this brief video doesn't give you enough shots of Calagione's chiseled mug, you can look forward to Brew Masters, the Discovery Channel Show we warned you about this summer, which will be on […]

NBC Correspondent Mark Potter Eats Fly on Air

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Potter's unfortunate episode reminds me of those times when I was riding a bike and a bug would land in my throat. You'd have no choice but to swallow What about you, Y&H Nation? What are your worst accidental eating memories?

With Jacques Haeringer Back in the Kitchen, L’Auberge Begins Lunch Service

Earlier this week, I received an e-mail informing me that Jacques Haeringer, the "Chef de Cuisine of the legendary Great Falls, Virginia restaurant, L’Auberge Chef François," would be appearing on the Today show. The morning show appearance was well and good, but the news that caught my attention was that Haeringer was apparently cooking again […]

D.C. Pastry Chef David Guas Gets Us Ready for Fat Tuesday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy This segment aired last year on Today, but who cares? New Orleans native David Guas' advice on preparing for Fat Tuesday is as timeless as the celebration itself. Fat Tuesday, if you hadn't noticed through all the snowfall, is tomorrow.

David Guas Shows Al Roker How to Make Mini-Fried Apple Pies

D.C. pastry chef David Guas was on the Today show yesterday, showing Al Roker how to make a fried apple pie recipe from his terrific new cookbook, DamGoodSweet, which Y&H pondered a few days back. Listen, I know morning TV has all the depth of pond scum, but is it too much for Roker to […]

‘Today Show’ Cries Foul Over Sexy Fast-Food Ads

Y&H thinks the cholesterol poses a bigger, long-term risk to kiddos than the sexy SpongeBob parody.