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Does Cold, Windy Weekend Weather Deter Georgetown’s Cupcake Lemmings?

Young & Hungry swung by the intersection of 33rd and M streets NW to check out the line to get into Georgetown Cupcake this weekend, approximately at 1:30 p.m. on both Saturday, pictured above, and Sunday. While Saturday was by no means balmy, Sunday was colder and, at times, blisteringly windy. So, did that deter […]

Georgetown Cupcake Fanatics Pissing Off Neighbors

Last weekend, I decided to take an out-of-town visitor over to Georgetown Cupcake. What a horrible idea. I should have known it would be straight-up mania there on a Sunday afternoon and the 70+ line of sweaty, miserable folks waiting to smash cupcakes in their faces was just flat-out disgusting. So we did what cupcake-loving […]

Food News You Can Use: Is D.C. a ‘Food City’? Are You Tired of People Asking?

There's lots of news to pass along, so let's not waste time with idle blog-chat. The Prez parties at graham elliot in Chicago for his 49th. [Obama Foodorama] Is D.C. a "food city" or just a second-rate Big Apple? [Grub Street] Metrocurean is getting a facelift, complete with video. [Metrocurean]

The Early Reviews of ‘D.C. Cupcakes’ Are Not So Sweet

D.C. Cupcakes premiered on Friday while Y&H was busy doing more important things. Like testing my muscle reflexes with a dull pick-ax. But plenty of others watched the back-to-back episodes on TLC, and the early reviews of the behind-the-scenes series on Georgetown Cupcake aren't pretty: WaPo's Hank Stuever wants more, you know, reality from his […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

You've been Spiked. Y&H Nation couldn't get enough of Spike Mendelsohn last week. The news that Herr Burgermeister was close to opening his We, The Pizza enticed hundreds of you to read more about his Big Apple pie plans — and to re-read about his past troubles with a Capitol Hill landlord. Take a look […]

Y&H Dips His Toe into Cleveland Park’s Ripple

Diggs' saba-glazed pork belly with albacore tuna Speaking of TLC programming, the owner of Ripple in Cleveland Park used to be the head of the cable channel back before he resigned in 2005. If Roger Marmet has scaled down his ambitions since his days at TLC, he has done so smartly with this wine-centered restaurant […]

‘D.C. Cupcakes’ Debuts on July 16 on TLC

In turning to sisters, Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis, TLC is hoping the business partners can carry some the huge, frosting-on-top success of their Georgetown Cupcake over to the Discovery Communications' channel. Or at least carry it through a long, hot summer. D.C. Cupcakes, the six-part TLC series about the sisters and the thrills and […]