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How D.C. Servers Are Secretly Profiling Diners

As soon as you enter a restaurant, the staff is sizing you up. In fact, they may have already Googled you.

Sally’s Middle Name, Now Open on H Street NE, Won’t Accept Tips

The restaurant will serve a seasonal small plate menu that changes day to day.

Clyde’s Responds To Low Rating By Restaurant Workers’ Group

Last week, a national restaurant workers group released a new dining guide, rating restaurants not on food, service and decor but instead on personnel issues—things like hourly wages, paid sick leave and opportunities for advancement. A number of D.C. restaurant operators earned accolades for their policies. One organization that did not: Clyde's Restaurant Group, operators […]

Super Bowl Party Tips from

I just realized this morning that is the digital generation's Heloise, serving up all kinds of weird and wonderful advice on the gastronomic front. (And if you think Heloise wasn't cool, I highly encourage you to read Ian Frazier's brilliant piece on the advice columnist, "Nobody Better, Better Than Nobody." Then check out this easy, […]

Y&H to Appear on the Kojo Nnamdi Show Today

Our topic for discussion is a good one. We'll be discussing wait staff and the labor issues they face as they cater to every one of our fussy whims in D.C.'s dining rooms. Y&H is no labor expert, of course. But I've dabbled in doing the dining room two-step for ungrateful customers. I've also received more […]

More Real-Time Food Tips

Ruth Samuelson, in residence with personal chef Monica Thomas, keeps churning out little tidbits: *Don't buy any tomato larger than a grape before July. Right now, in fact, is the worst time of the year to be bothering with tomatoes. Grape tomatoes: The only variety that's good year-round. *Stay healthy. If you're cooking meat, or […]

Just Get Laid Off? Don’t Look at the Restaurant Biz to Save Your Ass.

The standard thinking (well, my thinking) about the U.S. economy has been that it's mostly shedding white-collar jobs, you know those high-salaried, middle-management, egg-sucking gigs that stifle the life out of every company. A parallel thought to that (my) standard thinking is that, should you be one of those egg-sucking middle managers who gets the […]