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Are Organic Foods Automatically Better Than Conventional Foods?

The nice thing about this Time magazine taste test: The organics don't always win the side-by-side comparisons.

Time Mazagine Says Food Tweets Are Boring

Let me see if I have this straight: Time writer Josh Ozersky, he of Wedding Gate, spends nearly 1,000 words (nearly one thousand words!) to tell us that food Tweets are boring. That they don't say anything. That Ruth Reichl's staccato dreaminess makes his head swell like a puffer fish. Ozersky also wants us food […]

What the Critics Are Saying About ‘Top Chef’ D.C.

Was Tamesha played by Angelo? I'm sorry, but I had to take a break from Top Chef D.C. for awhile. I can only take so much "reality" TV beofre my head feels like it's shrinking to the size of a jelly bean, ready to be eaten by the first self-starving former runway model hosting one […]

Food News You Can Use: Top Chef D.C. Edition

You've already seen my thoughts on the debut episode of Top Chef D.C. Let's find out what others had to say about Tom and Padma's trip to the District. Joe Yonan at WaPo notes that the reality TV program has an unusual sense of "reality." TV Guide loved the debut and called the D.C. episode […]

Every 12-Year-Old Boy’s Fantasy: A Toilet Themed Restaurant

Modern Toilet is a modern success story in Taiwan, to judge by this article in Time magazine.  Geesh, what's not to like here? You can dig into your "diarrhea with dried droppings" dessert, sip your drink from a plastic urinal, and eat your Mongolian hot pot straight from a portable commode. You can even enjoy your meal while sitting […]