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Oh, Rickey, You’re So Fine: D.C.’s Native Cocktail Gets Some Official Love

Local liquor aficionados will join D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans on Thursday in reading an official proclamation declaring the Rickey as Washington’s native cocktail, according to the AP. July will be officially known as "Rickey month" in the District. Some quick history: the Rickey, made with gin or whiskey, fresh lime juice and club soda, was invented […]

Tastes Great, Less Fulfilling: 90-Second Ice Cream at the Fancy Food Show

Over at the Post, Y&H alum Tim Carman interviews Faith Holmes of locally based Sweet Freeze as she demonstrates her unique method of making homemade ice cream with liquid nitrogen, a process that takes less than 90 seconds, at the Fancy Food Show. In the end, Carman is more impressed with the presentation than the […]

Future of Minibar, Cafe Atlantico ‘Uncertain’

Does anyone at Think Food Group have a clear idea of what the future will hold for Minibar (closed until July 12), Cafe Atlantico (closed indefinitely) and America Eats Tavern (temporarily open)? Not exactly. After getting conflicting reports from chef José Andrés and his business partner, Rob Wilder, as well as other TFG charges, Y&H […]

Poder de Chapulines: How Grasshopper Tacos Can Save the World

Given the recent health department crackdown on cicada ice cream in Missouri, Smithsonian's Food & Think blog revisits the issue of entomophagy—that is, the fancy Latin term for eating insects. Naturally, the article mentions several exotic locales where certain bugs are considered a delicacy, including, yes, Washington, D.C., where some fancy restaurants sell tacos stuffed […]

Quick Feeding: José Andrés Wins Best Outstanding Chef in Beard Awards; Plus, Nettle Soup!

Awards Season Continues! D.C.'s big winner at the James Beard Foundation awards—besides Tim Carman, of course—is José Andrés, who was honored last night with the foundation's outstanding chef award. (Look at the José-inspired tweet storm!) In Mid-Atlantic regional action, Eater notes the "[e]ven though [D.C.] had three of the five nominees—including Cathal Armstrong (Restaurant Eve), […]

Last Week’s Leftovers: Try the Duck Reuben, Not the Corona-Dipped Fish

Dishes We Dug:  Waffle burger (pictured) at Locolat; cheese steak tartare at  Bourbon Steak; smoked duck reuben, ramp dough balls, armangnac-date pudding with Guinness toffee sauce at Poste; royal po'boy with barbecue shrimp and collard greens at Bayou; New Haven pie (white clams, garlic, olive oil, pecorino romano, oregano) at Pete's Apizza. Dishes We Didn't: […]

Ex-Y&Her Tim Carman Wins James Beard Award

We like to think "former Young & Hungry columnist" remains the fanciest entry on alum Tim Carman's CV. But as of last night, when the winners of the James Beard Foundation's prestigious annual food-writing awards were announced, there's a distinction that may be even shinier: Carman won the foodie organization's award for best columnist, based on […]

Growing Up, Gillian Clark Couldn’t Call Anyone ‘Stupid’

In today's Washington Post, Tim Carman details the life and work of chef Gillian Clark, formerly of Colorado Kitchen, currently of General Store, and recently infamous for a collection of YouTube videos that showed off her rough-and-tumble persona with customers. Some nuggets from Carman's profile: "...Clark and her four older siblings were not allowed to […]

Good News: Ren’s Ramen to Re-Open in Wheaton

Bethesda magazine delivers some very good news for lovers of good soup. Ren's Ramen, which shut its doors in Bethesda last year because of increasing rent, has relocated to Wheaton. This should make Tim Carman, who has professed his adoration for Ren's, very happy. As he wrote for Young & Hungry at the time: As […]

Quick Feeding: Faux Pho, Fish and Chips, and Zee’s Zip

Faux-Pho Philosophy: Area chefs are experimenting with pho, including Nick Sharpe of BaBay, Tim Carman writes. Pho is traditionally something where condiments, like Sriracha sauce and jalapeños, are added according to personal taste, not according to the chef's taste. "Sharpe's only concession to consumer freedom is a small tray of hoisin and Sriracha sauces. He […]