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The Latest in Bar Trends: ‘Shrubs’ and ‘Picklebacks’

This weekend while walking the streets of Chinatown, I ran into Tom Brown standing outside the Passenger. He was trying to absorb the last few rays of  sunshine before taking his turn behind the bar. We got to talking, and he mentioned the latest madness among bar drinkers: those who ask for a shot of […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

District Taco was forced to find a new location to sell its hand-held snacks. Her fan base has spoken: They clearly don't want former Gibson bartender Tiffany Short to leave town! They've expressed their support for the talented mixologist by making our farewell story the most-popular item from last week. It even beat out a […]

Tiffany Short Leaves the Gibson, Heads Back Home to Austin

When Tiffany Short applied for a job at the Black Cat, she wasn't even old enough to drink. The Texas transplant was a few weeks shy of her 21st birthday. The owners made her wait until she was officially legal before hiring her to flip burgers at the 14th Street NW club. Over the course […]

Tiffany Short on Expanded Drinking Hours During the Inauguration

Tiffany Short is the former mixologist at PS 7's who, earlier this year, got our nod for Best Use of Infused Vodka. Short is now at The Gibson, Eric Hilton's new, intimate speakeasy-like watering hole located next to his Belgian-soul food outpost, Marvin, on 14th Street NW. Short had a few hilarious thoughts on the […]