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Mr. Yogato and Thomas Foolery Accept Bitcoin

A Smirnoff Ice costs about .01 Bitcoins.

The Top 10 Y&H Stories of 2013

2013 was a big year for 14th Street, doughnuts, local breweries, food trucks regulations, and Derek Brown. But which stories drew in the most readers? Revisit Y&H's top 10 most-viewed stories of the year below. Government shutdown food deals, the shenanigans of Thomas Foolery, and the downfall of TruOrleans were some biggest hits, along with D.C.'s greatest drunk […]

Slinging Smirnoff Ice for a Cause

Giving away all its profits to charity has yet to prove a fruitful model for temporarily closed Shaw "philanthropub" Cause. (So far, there haven't been any profits.) Now, Thomas Foolery, the wacky new bar from Mr. Yogato owner/rocket scientist Steve Davis, is trying a different gimmick to raise money for nonprofits: giving away all its tips. Over the last three weeks, Thomas Foolery has […]

Game On: A Rocket Scientist Opens the Wackiest Bar in Washington

A couple drinking Smirnoff Ice meditates over a Ouija board as the lights of Thomas Foolery fade from green to yellow to orange. Across the small cramped room, groups of 20- or 30-somethings play Mario Kart Wii and Connect 4. Bartenders serve up grilled cheeses and mini-bottles of Bacardi from behind a bar stocked with […]

12 Craziest Things About Thomas Foolery, Opening Wednesday

Mr. Yogato owner Steve Davis opens his first bar and restaurant, Thomas Foolery, on Wednesday at 11 a.m., replacing doughnut fume-plagued Zeke's DC Donutz at 2029 P St. NW. This may just be the wackiest eatery in Washington, with the motto "food for little kids, drinks for big kids, toys for everyone." Here are 12 […]