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Chefs Are Working With Farmers to Custom-Grow Obscure Ingredients

Where'd those marshmallow flowers and dragon egg cucumbers come from?

D.C.’s First Commercial Rooftop Farming Company Launches With a Garden Above Oyamel

For their pilot farm, Up Top Acres is working with Think Food Group to grow microgreens, herbs, and edible flowers on the rooftop of the building that houses Oyamel.

Is Charging for Restaurant Reservations a Good Idea?

Table8 will give diners last minute reservations at hot restaurants—for a fee.

China Chilcano Opens With Peruvian Chinese and Japanese

Peruvian mixed with Chinese and Japanese might seem like an odd combination, but the menu at José Andrés's new Penn Quarter restaurant China Chilcano is far from a random kitchen experiment. "It's not fusion at all," says ThinkFoodGroup Director of Research and Development Rick Billings. "We're really not creating new styles. We're paying homage to the […]

Minibar Opening Delayed Until Next Week

The highly anticipated opening of José Andrés' new and improved Minibar is the latest victim of Hurricane Sandy. ThinkFoodGroup Senior Communications Manager Maru Valdes tells Y&H the first seatings will now take place on Nov. 7, instead of Nov. 2. She explains that government closings due to the storm caused delays in final inspections and permitting. That […]

When José Andrés Says Yes: How Ideas Become Dishes at Zaytinya

"It's really only us as Americans that focus on huge pieces of meat," Mike Costa, executive chef at Zaytinya, tells me when I ask him about the Mediterranean restaurant's new vegetable dishes. He admits, of course, that in places, people also kiss the toes of lamb roasting on an all-day spinning spit. "But if you […]

Primi Preview: Mike Isabella’s Graffiato, Opening Thursday

With just one week to go until the debut of his much anticipated new Penn Quarter restaurant, Graffiato, Mike Isabella was feeling a little nervous about the pizza. "Because when we get busy, and you have 120 seats, people are going to order pizza," he says. Like many Italian-American chefs, Isabella considers pie-making an art. […]

Mike Isabella Is Leaving Zaytinya to Open His Own Place

The news is true. Mike Isabella, head chef at Zaytinya and a former Top Chef contestant, is leaving the José Andrés operation to open his own place. He will remain at the Penn Quarter restaurant until August 7 when he'll start preparing for his own eatery. "José has given me so much opportunity," Isabella told […]

Richie Brandenberg Quietly Finds a Home at THINKfoodGROUP

Much like the "news" that IndeBleu has closed and that chef Michael Hartzer is apparently looking for work, this bit of information arrives with mold encrusted on its edges: Reston native Richie Brandenberg, former chef at Urbana in the Hotel Palomar, has found a comfortable gig inside José Andrés' ever-sprawling THINKfoodGROUP empire. Apparently comfortable. I […]

Check Out the Grill Marks on Y&H’s Hide

This morning, yours truly spent an hour-plus on Warren Rojas' hot seat over at Northern Virginia magazine. Truth be told, the mag's readers went pretty easy on me (far easier than the putzes on City Desk who seem to think I'm a traitor for pointing out the obvious). The most pointed (and funniest) question I got had to […]