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D.C. Beer Week Starts Friday: What’s In Store?

Early this month we posted a sneak peek at D.C. Beer Week, a celebration that will feature craft beer focused events and specials at bars and restaurants starting this Friday, August 20, and running through Saturday, August 28. There are already over 40 special events planned for the second annual city-wide craft beer festival. Your […]

Bourbon County Stout on Tap at The Reef

Spring is a time of growth, regeneration, and love. That's the trope, but if you ask us it's also a time to get yourself on over to The Reef to take advantage of their awesome roof deck. Despite the bar's use of plastic cups (beer snob says: ugh), there's no better place on 18th Street […]

This Week: Drink for Haiti, Brick’s Big Ones, Troegs & Oysters, and Tweeting Dogs

This week offers a decent selection of beer-focused events. Tonight you can drink some special kegs at either Pizzeria Paradiso location in the name of Haitian relief or down as many oysters as you can pints of Troegs at Hank's Oyster Bar in Alexandria. Tuesday marks the first of two nights of tasting regionally-brewed strong […]

Waste Not, Want Not: The Story of Allagash Curieux

Curieux, which is French for "curious," is exactly what Allagash Brewing Company founder Rob Tod was when he decided to avoid wasting an extra batch of beer by aging it in bourbon barrels. We had the privilege of hearing him recount the entertaining story behind this fine beer during last year's Allagash dinner at Granville […]

2009: Looking Back at a Growing Beer City Part 2

Yesterday the Lagerheads brought you what we consider five of the most influential local beer happenings of 2009. Today we offer Chapter Two: five more events and trends that show DC's growth as a beer city. Flying Dog, Our (Close to) Local Production Brewery, Makes Us Proud – Shall we call it the Year of […]

At Long Last (and Long Gone), Life & Limb

The much-anticipated launch of Life & Limb, Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head's collaboration beer, has pretty much come and gone. The Reef had a launch party, Pizzeria Paradiso had a beer brunch, and all the other DC stores and bars that had some seem to be all out. DCBeer has pictures from The Reef's launch party […]

Drink Your Way Across DC this Wednesday

We are not sure how this keeps happening, but it seems like every month has one night jam-packed with beer events, leaving the rest of the calendar high and dry. That saturated night for December is this Wednesday, with beer events at Dr. Granville Moore's, The Reef, The Red and The Black, The Brickskeller, as […]

Don’t Want to Cook For Thanksgiving? Drink Your Dinner This Year

The Internet is rife with Thanksgiving-themed beer pairings, so we've elected to take a slightly different tack. This  year why not drink beer made with the ingredients of all your Thanksgiving foods instead of eating the same old tired feast? It'll save you time in the kitchen, guaranteed. If you insist on cooking and need […]

Beer-Conscious Adams Morgan Bars Stick It to the Man

We've noticed a trend in a handful of our neighborhood bars lately. It seems that staff who pride themselves in stocking high-quality, flavorful beers are figuring out ways to undermine their need to sell yellow water to the masses. And they're speaking up about it. The Black Squirrel, for example, has a section of their […]

Imperial Beer: Fit for a Queen

According to old-school spellcheckers Merriam and Webster, the term imperial means (1) anything relating to an empire or emperor, or (2)  something of superior or unusual size or excellence. The first definition was what British brewers had in mind when they started making Imperial Stouts, and the second is why many American craft brewers are using […]