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Stall Tactics: Getting It On in Restaurant Restrooms Is More Common Than You Think

When Constantine Stavropoulos first opened Tryst in Adams Morgan, he couldn’t figure out why the wall-mounted sink in the men’s restrooms kept breaking. “I was really going crazy, like what is going on here?” he recalls. Then he came across a website—he doesn’t remember which—that listed Tryst’s restrooms as a hotspot for, well, trysts. “I […]

Dead Meat: Does D.C. Really Need More Steakhouses?

Washington just can’t seem to escape its reputation as a steak-and-potatoes town. For decades, the stereotypes of lobbyists with expense accounts cavorting over charred chunks of meat have overshadowed the city’s culinary cred. Only in recent years has the District started to erase memories of ribeyes and dudes in suits with its explosion of neighborhood […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Eat Your Cereal Edition

15 classic cereal commercials throughout the decades [HuffPost] After 170 years at the bottom of the ocean, bottles of wine sell for more than $156,000 [Bloomberg] Betty White drinks Grey Goose on the rocks at The Palm [Reliable Source] Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein brunch at Martin's Tavern, where Richard Nixon also ate, on 40th anniversary […]

What To Eat Tonight: Free Steakburger Sliders at The Palm

Amid all the frantic scrambling to finalize your filings on this hectic federal tax deadline day, don't forget one other helpful document—your certificate for some free food at The Palm. Get yours here. Holders of this coupon are entitled to one complimentary snack with the purchase of any beverage in the swanky steakhouse's bar. Your […]

What To Eat Tonight: Skipjack-Sauced Shrimp at Watershed

On the menu tonight: Chef Todd Gray is grilling oysters and cranking out crispy red cabbage spring rolls and Skipjack-sauced at Watershed’s Mardi Gras celebration. Tickets are $75. Those on the look out for some New Orleans tradition on a tighter budget have plenty of oyster specials to choose from. Also, Friday is bao night […]

What To Eat Tonight: Octopus Tacos at Bandolero Preview

Tonight: Graffiato's Mike Isabella previews the fare for his forthcoming Mexican concept, Bandolero, with a pop-up event at the Living Social headquarters on F Street NW. If you don't have tickets, you are way too late.  Folks looking to attend the evening's other marquee pop-up event, the planned Vietnamese "Pho U" soiree at Montserrat House, […]

What To Eat Tonight: Buffalo-Style Frog Legs at Thunder Burger

Tonight: it's Wednesday, so yes, there's something unusual on the menu at Thunder Burger. Today's special: cornmeal dusted buffalo-style frog legs. Also, the new Tortilla Coast in Logan Circle debuts its new happy hour specials tonight from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Margaritas are $7—they're usually $10. Coming up: on Friday, chef Todd Gray hosts […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Big Boys Show Edition

Local pols say a lot of nice things about The Hamilton; Yelpers not so much. [DCist, Eater DC] Having already conquered Hell's Kitchen, D.C. Central Kitchen's Rock Harper says he has no interest in appearing on other TV cooking competitions like Top Chef or Chopped . ("I won the big boys show," he laughs.) But […]

How Did D.C.’s Stodgy Old Palm Boost Sales? It Got A Makeover

Nation's Restaurant News takes a look at efforts by owners of The Palm to try to shed the 85-year-old D.C. restaurant's "corporate and stale" image. Last year, the stodgy old eatery updated its logo, revamped its web site, ordered new plate ware and staff uniforms, revamped the menu, and overall rethought ways to project a […]

Last Week’s Leftovers: How Powerful Is Minibar Really?

Dishes We Dug: Maine-style lobster roll (pictured) at Luke's Lobster; baked beans with burnt ends at Hill Country; chapulines (sautéed grasshoppers) at Oyamel; fried zeppoles with rum crème anglaise at Policy. Dishes We Didn't: Slow cooked beef brisket on a potato roll at The Diner–dry enough to qualify as jerky. Venues Notably Missing From City […]