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Last Night’s Leftovers: Big Boys Show Edition

Local pols say a lot of nice things about The Hamilton; Yelpers not so much. [DCist, Eater DC] Having already conquered Hell's Kitchen, D.C. Central Kitchen's Rock Harper says he has no interest in appearing on other TV cooking competitions like Top Chef or Chopped . ("I won the big boys show," he laughs.) But […]

The Hamilton, By The Numbers

The initial figures on The Hamilton were pretty staggering. The massive new restaurant spans some 37,000 square feet, employs nearly 400 people and offers seating for up to 850 diners (that's counting all dining rooms, the upstairs loft area and downstairs concert hall, bar stools and all). That much we knew. Now, in an interview […]

Puffer Piece: The Hamilton Vows to Wow (Fugu or No Fugu)

Jason Zheng is hankering to get his hands on some fugu. That’s Japanese for pufferfish or blowfish, perhaps the world’s most notorious seafood. Sure, it’s potentially poisonous. If prepared improperly, it contains a neurotoxin that’s reportedly about a thousand times more deadly than cyanide. (And that’s the conservative figure.) But it’s also supposed to be […]

Here’s One Restaurant Opening The Real Mayor Gray Might Actually Attend

The guys at Taylor Gourmet pulled-off a bit of a fast one on Tuesday with an advertised "mayoral ribbon cutting" at their new shop on 14th Street NW. D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray didn't actually attend. Instead, services were conducted by some "mayors" of Foursquare. Whatever the hell that means. “We got a good laugh," co-owner […]

When ‘Apps’ No Longer Means Appetizers: The Growing Gadgetry of Gastronomy

It's going to get a lot tougher for chefs to complain about customers' cell phone use at the dinner table. At least with a straight face. Restaurants everywhere are rolling out their own flickering gadgets: the new Elisir has its wine list on an Android tablet, 901 has illuminated its entire menu at nighttime on […]

Sushi, Ramen & Hanger Steak Poutine: Things to Expect at The Hamilton, Opening Dec. 18

"Wouldn't this be a cool place to grab a burger at lunchtime?" asks Tom Meyer, president of Clyde's Restaurant Group. He's leaning against a long wooden counter running the length of a massive window overlooking bustling 14th Street NW in downtown D.C. We're hanging out in the main bar area of The Hamilton, the Clyde's […]

Looking for Wee-Hour Sushi? Head to The Hamilton

Zentan sushi chef Jason Zheng will be dishing out the sashimi and such at The Hamilton, the behemoth, four-bar, four-dining room live music venue in downtown D.C. that Clyde's Restaurant Group aims to open in mid-December. Zheng previously worked at Blue Ribbon in New York—a favorite of Tom Meyer, president of Clyde's. "They were kind […]