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Derek Brown on Naming Cocktails: Drop the ‘Tini’ Bullshit

There's a reason Derek Brown shared Best Bartender honors this year. The Gibson spirits-tender knows not only how to mix a mean libation but also how to name one. In his latest column for The Atlantic's online food section, Brown mocks two of the many Obama-related cocktails that drenched our fair town in kitsch and […]

Tiffany Short on Expanded Drinking Hours During the Inauguration

Tiffany Short is the former mixologist at PS 7's who, earlier this year, got our nod for Best Use of Infused Vodka. Short is now at The Gibson, Eric Hilton's new, intimate speakeasy-like watering hole located next to his Belgian-soul food outpost, Marvin, on 14th Street NW. Short had a few hilarious thoughts on the […]