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Why Don’t More Restaurants Serve Weekday Breakfast?

As the food scene grows, will D.C.'s weekday breakfast options get better?

Where to Play State of the Union Bingo

The president’s State of the Union address might really be just one big drinking game for wonks. This year, at least three bars and restaurants are playing State of the Union bingo. The Diner in Adams Morgan will host a viewing party and bingo game with 50-cent wings and $18 pitchers from 8 p.m. until […]

Storm Be Damned, Restaurants Will Serve On

A surprising number of restaurants and bars is staying open despite Metro closings and severe weather warnings. And while restaurateurs say they're playing it by ear, many are die-hards about not closing—no matter what. "I hate closing," says Chef Geoff's Geoff Tracy. "Restaurant people are hardworking people, and they're not looking to stay at home and […]

You Can Now Eat Quinoa Pilaf at 4 a.m.

The Coupe has been open for about a week, but as of tonight, the Columbia Heights diner is officially going 24/7. The eatery is giving the first 50 customers after midnight a voucher for free breakfast of up to $10 at its sister restaurant, The Diner. Will the 24/7 model last? Or will it go […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Hats Off to Restaurants Edition

Foie gras brats are so hot right now. Find them in D.C. at Urbana and the Red Apron Butchery’s mobile cart. [Nation's Restaurant News] Take a peek inside the new Boundary Road. [Washingtonian] Toki Underground: where the sake flows like beer. [HuffPo DC] The Diner hosts CNN's Soledad O'Brien. [Twitter] Who's D.C.'s hottest chef? [Eater […]

Bitches Who Brunch Bitch Up D.C.’s Worst Brunches of 2011

One thing I've noticed about the blog Bitches Who Brunch: these self-proclaimed bitches don't bitch nearly enough. On Thursday, though, the bitches unleashed a year's worth of bitching in a single super-bitchy post, dishing up their picks for the D.C.-area's worst brunches of 2011. OK, so the bitchiness is only half of the story. The […]

Cocktail Geeks Will Get Their Own Bar At Tryst 4.0

Washingtonian gathers some early intel on the yet-unnamed, 200-seat, 24-hour restaurant and coffeehouse expected to open in Columbia Heights next spring from Constantine Stavropoulos, owner of Tryst, The Diner and Open City. Expect cheap wines, including some from a keg, as well as a special eight to 10-seat back bar reserved strictly for cocktail aficionados […]

Last Week’s Leftovers: How Powerful Is Minibar Really?

Dishes We Dug: Maine-style lobster roll (pictured) at Luke's Lobster; baked beans with burnt ends at Hill Country; chapulines (sautéed grasshoppers) at Oyamel; fried zeppoles with rum crème anglaise at Policy. Dishes We Didn't: Slow cooked beef brisket on a potato roll at The Diner–dry enough to qualify as jerky. Venues Notably Missing From City […]

Constantine Stavropoulos, a ‘Third Place’ Pioneer, Plans a Fourth

Over the years, Constantine Stavropoulos has pushed the idea of the "third place," an environment that isn't home and that isn't work—a place that's in between. First came Tryst in 1998, followed by The Diner, both on 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan. Then came Open City in Woodley Park in 2005. As Stavropoulos said […]

Curdling News: The Overuse of Cheese in Bar Food

My weekly trips to Tyson’s Corner have me eating more than my fair share of Chef Geoff’s burgers lately. The namesake sandwich costs only $5 during happy hour and is competently prepared; requesting medium results in a faintly pink and juicy patty nearly every time. My only beef? A second slice of cheese. On a […]