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Why Don’t More Restaurants Serve Weekday Breakfast?

As the food scene grows, will D.C.'s weekday breakfast options get better?

What’s the Best Restaurant Bathroom to Bang In?

Getting it on in restaurant restrooms is more common than you think.

Bullfrog Bagels Will Be Available at Five More Locations

They'll be available beginning Jan. 12.

Stall Tactics: Getting It On in Restaurant Restrooms Is More Common Than You Think

When Constantine Stavropoulos first opened Tryst in Adams Morgan, he couldn’t figure out why the wall-mounted sink in the men’s restrooms kept breaking. “I was really going crazy, like what is going on here?” he recalls. Then he came across a website—he doesn’t remember which—that listed Tryst’s restrooms as a hotspot for, well, trysts. “I […]

Drink Muriel Bowser and Vincent Gray Cocktails at The Coupe

Voting for D.C.'s next mayor is now officially a drinking game. Leading up to next Tuesday's Democratic primary election, you can “drink the vote” at The Coupe in Columbia Heights by ordering cocktails paired with each of the mayoral candidates. If you want to vote for Vincent Gray, for example, you’d get the French Bikini […]

Couped Up: What Happens Late, Late at Night at The Coupe

When all the watering holes shut down, D.C. can feel like it needs life support, a place to house the hordes of hungry children-of-the-night searching for something to eat. The Coupe, Columbia Heights’ bar/diner/coffee lounge, is one such sleepless stead. I staked it out on a recent Saturday night/Sunday morning to find out what goes […]

Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Balsamic Vinegar

Where: The Coupe, 3415 11 St. NW Bartender: David Fritzler Mystery Ingredient: Balsamic vinegar Bartender Response: Fritzler hopped into action, making several trips to gather ingredients. “I don’t think I’ve walked around this much for any drink I’ve made,” he said. What We Got: A fruity, smoky spin on a michelada. In addition to tomato […]

Cocktail Guess: “I’m Heartbroken. Make Me a Drink.”

Where: The Heights, 3115 14th St. NW Bartender Response: He suggested a high-proof beer and vodka cocktail. What We Got: Moscow Mule with Ultimat Vodka, house ginger-lime syrup, and Gosling’s Ginger Beer. Price: $9 How It Tasted: Like a ginger-y limeade. Improv Points (1-5): 3. A high-proof drink is a common salve for heartbreak, but […]

Storm Be Damned, Restaurants Will Serve On

A surprising number of restaurants and bars is staying open despite Metro closings and severe weather warnings. And while restaurateurs say they're playing it by ear, many are die-hards about not closing—no matter what. "I hate closing," says Chef Geoff's Geoff Tracy. "Restaurant people are hardworking people, and they're not looking to stay at home and […]

Are You Gonna Eat That? Buffalo-Style Frog Legs

The Dish: Buffalo-style frog legs Where to Get It: The Coupe, 3415 11th St. NW; (202) 290-3342; Price: $11.99 What It Is: Frog legs marinated in Vermont maple syrup brine, coated in light buttermilk breading, and served with Georgia’s Ascher bleu cheese and a green apple-celery salad. What It Tastes Like: Crisp and juicy, […]